IXL’s instructional resources: Tools to power learning at home

Does IXL teach? That’s a great question—and a common one from many IXL parents! Whether you’re using IXL to supplement your child’s learning or as a homeschooling tool, IXL’s instructional resources make it possible for children to learn independently at any level. 

From video tutorials to question walk-throughs, IXL’s instructional tools are easy-to-access and available whenever your child needs them. Watch your learner use them to tackle new concepts or reinforce what they’ve learned in class—take a look below to see how each IXL tool helps students build confidence and accelerate their learning! 

Learn concepts with detailed video tutorials 

IXL’s video tutorials are perfect for every learner! Now available for math and English language arts skills, each video tutorial is bite-sized and jam-packed with engaging visuals to ensure knowledge sticks. 

Created in partnership with Wyzant, your child will learn concepts—complete with visual question walk-throughs—from a wide range of expert instructors. They’re well suited for learners who need a quick review before or during a skill or for those who are engaging with a concept for the first time. 

As shown in the video below, your child can access them at any time from the top of their skill practice page! 

Practice with question walk-throughs 

What better way to get started with a skill than with an in-depth example? IXL’s Learn with an Example feature is available for each skill and mirrors the type of questions learners can expect to answer, with full solutions and step-by-step explanations. It also provides explanations of key concepts they’ll encounter! Your child can refer back to this feature whenever they need it at the top of any math or English language arts skill practice page. 

Know what you can improve with answer explanations 

Mistakes are a natural part of the learning process—with the right tools, mistakes make great opportunities for your child to deepen their understanding of key concepts! 

That’s why IXL includes step-by-step answer explanations when a learner answers a question incorrectly. This feature is available on every IXL question to show your child precisely where they went wrong and help them solidify their knowledge. 

Explore new topics with IXL Lessons 

IXL Lessons are the perfect complement to IXL’s video tutorials. They help your child learn a new topic or refresh their knowledge in a convenient and efficient way. Each lesson introduces the topic, provides a high-level review of key vocabulary, and walks through example problems.

Try using IXL Lessons as a quick study guide for your child before they start working on an IXL skill! Available for 3rd grade to Algebra 1 math skills, you can access them at any time from the bottom of each math grade skill page. Scroll to the bottom of the 5th grade math skill page to see examples!