Boost learning with new ELA video tutorials!

IXL video tutorials are now available for select pre-K, Kindergarten, and 6th-8th grade English language arts skills! Building on the popularity of IXL’s math tutorials, these expert-led videos feature Wyzant instructors that help students master key ELA concepts. 

Early learners can build their reading skills with playful tutorials on phonological awareness, decoding, and more that directly align with Science of Reading principles. Meanwhile, middle school learners can access the info they need to master high-impact writing strategies and grammar concepts! 

See snippets of our Reading Foundations and middle school video tutorials below! 


Easy-to-access video lessons 

When working on a skill, students can click the “Watch a video” button at the top of the page to learn more about a concept! 

Choose a sample skill below to watch the accompanying tutorial. 



Middle School: 

With tutorials that perfectly match the exact concepts within the skill, teachers and students have immediate access to targeted instructional resources. That means there’s less time spent searching for resources, and more time focused on learning the topic at hand!  

Engage multiple modes and senses to build reading skills 


Early learners require visual and audio components to learn how to read effectively. IXL’s ELA video tutorials present foundational reading concepts using easy-to-read text, engaging audio, and colorful images. 

In many videos, Wyzant tutors will match sounds with mouth movements to reinforce vowel and consonant sounds. In others, letters and words are highlighted as they’re pronounced to strengthen letter-sound correspondence. 

The best part? Learners can replay videos whenever they want, providing just enough repetition and exposure to confidently master sounds, words, and sentences. 

Provide detailed instruction for writing and grammar skills 

For middle school learners, IXL’s video tutorials don’t just explain concepts—they explain why concepts matter. For example, in GS8: Correct errors in everyday use, students are expected to identify and correct a wide range of grammar concepts, including spelling errors and misused words. 

The corresponding video tutorial engages students from the very beginning, with real-world examples of text conversations! Several clear examples are given to walk students through the concept and cement their understanding. 

After watching the tutorial, students can then apply what they’ve learned as they practice the IXL skill—and beyond, as they incorporate the concept into their own writing.

Strengthen intervention in the classroom and at home 

IXL’s ELA video tutorials offer early learners immediate guidance, so students can work through reading roadblocks as soon as they appear. This is valuable when students are working independently in any setting. 

In the classroom, video tutorials are also effective for whole-class or small-group instruction! Use them to introduce new concepts or to review skills at the end of a chapter. Like IXL’s many instructional resources, video tutorials are flexible tools that you can use to fit a variety of teaching methods and learning formats. 

At home, parents can use tutorials to bolster at-home support. Since video tutorials are targeted and expert-led, they can feel confident knowing that explanations are effective and align with the exact skill their child is working on.