New on IXL: Recommendations for science and social studies skills!

IXL has added Recommendations support for science and social studies! Recommendations empower students to take ownership of their learning by showing skills that can help them grow.

Now students practicing these subjects will receive in-skill recommendations for foundational skills as well as inspiration for what to work on next. Additionally, personalized suggestions for science and social studies skills will appear on the Recommendations wall.

Read on for more details about science and social studies recommendations!

In-skill recommendations for science and social studies

In-skill recommendations for science and social studies skills will appear at the bottom of the screen while students are practicing, and feature related skills that learners can work on to close gaps. They can find these in the “Work it out” section. Once they’ve built confidence by practicing foundational skills, they can return to the original skill when they’re ready.

Image displaying an in-skill recommendation in a science skill

After students have reached a SmartScore of 90 in a skill, in-skill recommendations will show “Next Up” skills so learners can build on what they just practiced. This also helps students see how proficiency in the skill they’re practicing enables them to handle more advanced content!

Recommendations wall

Science and social studies skills now join math and English language arts skills on the Recommendations wall. Students can view their personalized recommendations by going to Learning and clicking on the Recommendations tab. They will see a visual wall of recommended skills based on their practice history, with different types of recommendations encouraging them to target their trouble spots, take on new challenges, and explore.

By default the Recommendations wall shows all available subjects, but students can filter their wall to show only science or social studies skills by clicking on the subject icon in the bottom-right corner of each recommendation. They can also filter by recommendation type—Work it out, Keep at it, Try something new, Go for gold, and Next up.

Image displaying science and social studies skills on the Recommendations wall

Recommendations help students make informed decisions about where to go next on their learning journey, and we’re happy we can extend this powerful feature to even more skills. Try out the new recommendations found at the bottom of the practice area in science and social studies skills, and on the Recommendations wall.