Fun ways to support your child’s learning over school break

Whether you’re taking a family vacation or spending time at home over your child’s next school break, there are simple ways you can keep the learning going!

If you’re heading on a trip, prepare some learning materials in advance to take with you. We made a list below for easy packing! Then you’ll have them ready to go for natural down times, like car rides, waiting in lines, or spare time at your hotel.

If you’re staying at home, try building a learning routine into each day. Having some focused educational time will help your child continue learning and growing. Plus, keeping a routine over break will make the transition back to school that much easier.

Whatever your school break plans are, the IXL family of brands has tons of great resources that make learning fun. Check out these options:


Learning materials

Printable workbooks and hands-on activities is the most comprehensive library of learning activities for K-8 students. With more than 30,000+ resources, there’s plenty to explore! 

Use this time off from school to take some breaks from screens with’s hands-on activities. Try fun crafts and science experiments, like making a catapult or your own fairy potion. Plus, check out the full collection of printable worksheets and workbooks to bring on the go.


Personalized skill practice

IXL is a great way for your child to strengthen their skills in math, English language arts, science, and social studies. IXL’s personalized curriculum will help them solidify their knowledge and grow from where they are. 

Not sure which IXL skills your child should work on? Our Family Learning Hub has tons of great ideas, including:

Plus, you can take all this learning on the go with the IXL app.


Online learning games

ABCya is the leader in educational games for kids. ABCya has more than 400 games for students in pre-K to 6th grade that can make learning over break extra fun!

In addition to a focus on math and language arts, ABCya also covers topics such as science and holiday trivia, and provides fun activities to help kids build their typing skills and even create animations. As they play, learners will strengthen their understanding of important concepts and grow their creativity!


Fun vocabulary building

School break is a perfect time to encourage your child to cozy up on the couch and dive into a great book! If they want to take their learning to the next level, you can show them how to use to search for the book they’re reading. Check out the complete list of the vocabulary words within their book for them to practice. 

For even more literacy learning, your child can also explore commonly confused words, fun competitions, and fun vocabulary lists.


One-on-one tutoring

Looking for some additional help? Expert tutors on Wyzant, a 1-1 tutoring platform, can provide specialized support in any subject. Sessions are available in-person or virtually to suit your school break schedule.
Have a great school break!


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