Enter the 2022 IXL Spring Learning Showdown!

Gear your students up to build their knowledge and compete with classrooms all across the world in IXL’s 2022 Spring Learning Showdown! 

From April 1 through April 30, students will vie to answer the most questions on IXL. The top three classrooms in each grade range (nine classrooms total) with the highest average number of questions answered per student will win a wealth of new knowledge and a $250 VISA gift card! 

The contest has three grade ranges: 

  1. PreK-4th 
  2. 5th-8th
  3. 9th-12th

The contest begins on April 1, but registration opens March 17!

Once the competition starts, you can stay up to date with the latest results by following IXL on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’ll post leaderboard updates on the IXL blog on April 15 and April 22. Winners will be announced in a blog post on May 6.

Check out the contest rules and FAQs below for more details. If you have any questions, refer to the full contest rules or send us an email at contests@ixl.com. Good luck and happy learning!

Contest Rules

Eligibility: Open to public and private elementary, middle, and high school classrooms worldwide with a minimum class size of 10 students. Classrooms must be part of an active IXL site or classroom subscription. 

How to enter: The registration period begins on March 17, 2022, and ends on April 30, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. During this period, a teacher may enter their classroom in the contest by completing the entry form. By entering, participants expressly agree to abide by the Official Rules.

How to compete and win: Students compete on behalf of their classrooms by accessing IXL at school and/or home and answering as many questions as possible over the course of the contest! 

  • Questions in all subjects on the classroom’s subscription (math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish) will be counted. For students in grades PK–4, questions in all grade levels will be counted. For students in grades 5–8, only questions from grade 3 and above are eligible. For students in grades 9–12, only questions in grade 7 and above will be counted. 
  • Skills that are repeated after they have been mastered (achieving a SmartScore of 100) once during the contest period will not be counted. No more than 50 questions answered by one student in a single skill (prior to reaching a score of 100) will be eligible. Each student must master (reach a SmartScore of 100 in) at least 3 skills during the contest period in order to have their questions counted. 
  • The total number of eligible problems completed will be divided by the total number of students in each class as of their entry date. In the event of a tie, the classroom with the higher percentage of correctly answered eligible questions will win. This contest is intended to encourage students to practice and gain confidence in their skills; any practice that does not conform to the spirit of the contest will be eliminated at IXL’s discretion.

The three classrooms from each grade group (PK-4, 5-8, 9-12) that have the highest average number of questions completed per student will be selected as winners. Winners will be announced on May 6, 2022, and will receive a $250.00 U.S. Visa gift card!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the number of questions my class has completed?

Sign in to your IXL account and visit the “Students Quickview” report, which can be found by clicking on the “Analytics” tab. You can also find it by visiting https://www.ixl.com/analytics/students-quickview. Once you reach this report, set the date range to April 1 to the current date, select the subject(s) your students practiced, and set the grade levels if needed (see above for which grades count for which grade ranges).

How do I check to see if my students have mastered (reached a SmartScore of 100) at least 3 skills?

When you’re signed in to your IXL account, head to the “Analytics” tab and visit the “Score Grid” report. To see a rundown of students’ scores within the contest period, set the date range to April 1 to the current date and make sure you’ve viewing current scores and not “current scores or prior mastery”. (Not sure how? See the screenshot below!)

Image showing how to customize Score Grid for spring contest

Are problems for all subjects counted?

Yes, practice in all subjects on your subscription will be counted. Questions answered in trial subjects are not counted.

Are problems answered as part of a Group Jam counted?

Questions answered in a Group Jam are not counted.

Is practice counted starting April 1 or when I registered?

Practice will be counted starting April 1, no matter when you registered—just make sure you register by the April 30th deadline!

Will IXL count questions for previously mastered skills?

If the skills were mastered prior to the start of the contest (April 1), students can go back and practice them again, and those questions will count toward this contest. However, after they master the skill during the contest period, any further practice will not count.

Will IXL count incorrectly answered questions? Will questions practiced outside of the students’ grade level be counted?

Yes and yes! We encourage students to practice above or below grade level, and we want them to know that it’s okay to make mistakes and then learn from them. Up to 50 questions answered by one student in a single skill (prior to reaching a SmartScore of 100) will be counted. For students in grades PK–4, questions in all grade levels will be counted. For students in grades 5–8, only questions from grade 3 and above are counted, while students in grades 9–12 must practice in grade 7 or above.

Still have questions? 

Check out the full rules or send an email to contests@ixl.com!