Take a day off from lesson planning

Good news, teachers: We’ve done the lesson planning for you! IXL skill plans provide the exact skills you need all in one place, so you can just grab and go. 

These ready-made plans help with test prep, align your daily instruction to textbooks and state standards, and more. You can assign skills to students and track progress directly through your skill plan, making it a one-stop solution for meeting your instructional goals.

Select your skill plan below and click the thumbtack to pin the whole plan, or click the star to assign certain skills:


Spring Spotlight 

Best for: End-of-year review and spring test prep

IXL’s Spring Spotlight skill plans provide 20 recommended skills for math and language arts. Select your grade level, and you’ll find skills covering the most important topics for that year.

Weekly Boost

Best for: Weekly review throughout the year

IXL’s Weekly Boost skill plans provide comprehensive coverage of core math and language arts topics for each grade level. Select which week you’d like to focus on, and you’re good to go! 


Textbook skill plans

Best for: Reinforcing your textbook curriculum

Do you use a textbook in your classroom? Our textbook skill plans provide custom-built IXL skills that perfectly match the concepts within each chapter. Explore our full collection of textbook skill plans for math, language arts, science, and social studies! For tips and tricks, check out our 3-step textbook guide.


State Standards skill plans

Best for: Teaching your state-specific standards

IXL has state standards skill plans for all 50 states! Each skill is custom-built to align with your state’s specific standards, so you have the exact content you need at your fingertips. These plans are great to use year-round and for spring test prep! For more information, check out our 3-step standards guide.


Using your skill plan

Once you’ve selected your skill plan, you can use it in a number of different ways depending on what works best in your classroom! Here are some ideas:

  • Choose a skill and start an IXL Group Jam to go over the topic with the whole class.
  • Have students practice the skills on their own, using IXL’s built-in self-remediation tools when needed.
  • As students work on the skill plan, use Live Classroom to monitor your students’ progress in real time.
  • Check for understanding in IXL Analytics. From your skill plan, click “View report” to see the Score Grid and easily check for completion. You can also filter the Trouble Spots report by skill plan to see the precise concepts that students need help with.


Additional fun ideas

No-prep personalized practice

This plan requires zero preparation and provides valuable learning! Have students visit their Recommendations wall, which is full of skills tailored to their unique needs. You can encourage students to choose any skill that appeals to them. Rest assured that each skill is at the right level and will help your students on their learning journey! Learn more in our 3-step guide

Start a friendly competition

IXL Leaderboards make it easy to start a fun-filled competition right within IXL! You can customize the contest goals, duration, and which subjects and grade level skills will count. Project the results on your screen, and watch your students gain an extra boost of learning motivation! 

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