IXL: An award-winning personalized learning program

Since 2007, IXL Learning has been dedicated to providing the best learning experience possible. In schools, educators use IXL for intervention and enrichment, and parents use IXL at home to maximize learning. Today, more than 13 million students use IXL’s personalized learning program, and have collectively answered over 100 billion questions and counting! 

IXL has been recognized for its commitment to excellence by many organizations, including:

And many more!

So you may be wondering, how does IXL work? Let’s dive in!

Comprehensive curriculum

IXL’s K-12 curriculum covers more than 8,500 skills in math, English language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish. Each IXL skill adapts in difficulty to meet learners where they are and help them grow! IXL also provides instructional resources, including thousands of math tutorial videos and hundreds of Lessons, to help students learn independently. Plus, IXL games for math and language arts help younger students develop a love for learning!

IXL’s curriculum has been recognized as:

  • The SIIA CODiE award winner for Best Math Instructional Solution for Grades PK-8, Best Advanced Mathematics Instructional Solution, Best Foundational English Language Arts Instructional Solution, and Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Grades PreK-8
  • The EdTech Digest Cool Tool award winner for Best Language Arts Solution
  • HowToHomeschool’s top Online Homeschool Curriculum & Resources 

Personalized plans

Built right into IXL, the Real-Time Diagnostic pinpoints each student’s current grade-level proficiency and creates a personalized plan of the exact IXL skills they’re ready to learn next. This helps teachers and parents see exactly where their learner is, and the best next steps to help them grow! And along the way, IXL Analytics provides powerful insights to track student progress and work through any knowledge gaps.

IXL’s personalized learning platform has been recognized as:

  • The EdTech Breakthrough award winner for Best Student Personalization Solution
  • The EdTech Digest Cool Tool award for best e-learning, blended, or flipped solution 

Award-winning IXL app

Students can access IXL anytime, anywhere with IXL’s mobile apps! The IXL app is tailor-made for tablets and phones to create a fun, immersive experience that students love.

The IXL app has been recognized as:

  • The SIIA CODiE award winner for Best Educational App
  • The EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award winner for mobile app solution for middle and high school

See what people are saying

Hear why teachers, parents, and students love IXL! 

“I love this educational tool. My favorite features are the explanations for incorrect answers and the awards, which help motivate my kids to continue practicing. I also like your Diagnostic and personalized recommendations. Since signing my kids up for IXL, they have gained a love for studying outside of the classroom. I have also noticed my kids’ test scores increase.”

— Sonia Onyenegecha, parent

   Moore, Oklahoma

“I love the individualized learning that IXL provides. Students are able to work at their own pace and push themselves as they are ready. I love that they can see their progress. It’s so great that this is a web-based program that allows them access to use it at home. The textbook alignments for math are so great!! And the Diagnostic has been awesome!!

— Melissa Reeves, 5th grade teacher

  Speedway, Indiana

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