IXL Lessons: Your go-to instructional tool

Whether you want to introduce new material, revisit a past topic, or encourage students to learn independently, IXL Lessons make it easy for you and your class to get started! Like mini study guides, Lessons help learners quickly dive into a concept and grasp critical information.  

Currently available for 3rd grade math through Geometry, each Lesson introduces the concept, defines key vocabulary words, and walks through sample problems. When students are ready to work on a particular topic, the Lesson recommends specific IXL skills to try.

Discover how you can use Lessons to multiply math knowledge in your classroom: 

How to access Lessons

Lessons can be found at the bottom of grade-level landing pages for 3rd grade math and above and can be easily accessed by clicking on “Jump to lessons” at the top of the page! Hover over a Lesson to preview a summary of key concepts learners can expect to see.

While students are working on an IXL skill, Lessons will also appear as in-skill recommendations at the bottom of the page. This helps them easily review relevant background information before returning to practice!

Eighth grade math lessons

Use Lessons to introduce new material

Lessons are a convenient and effective way to teach new math concepts. Whether you’re projecting to the whole class or helping learners in small groups, you can use Lessons to provide a comprehensive overview of the topic before working through example problems. 

Even the most complex math concepts are boiled down to their most basic parts, giving students the confidence to start practicing skills! 

Easily create study guides with Lessons

In addition to learning new material, Lessons also come in handy for review sessions. Before exams, you can go over Lessons with the entire class to review topics that will be covered and help students solidify their knowledge. Plus, you can easily print out these resources for learners who prefer to use physical study guides!

Rational Numbers Lesson

Connect the dots at home 

Lessons can also be a valuable and easy resource for families who want to get more involved with their child’s learning! If students get stuck while practicing IXL at home, parents can use the tool to help kids review the topic together. 

Foster independent learning 

With Lessons, video tutorials, step-by-step explanations, and more, IXL’s instructional resources allow students to take control of their learning and tackle concepts independently. Whether they want to refresh their prior knowledge or explore a completely new math topic, they can do it all on their own.

These instructional resources are connected to the exact IXL skills learners are working on, giving them the targeted support they need while learning independently in the classroom or at home. Explore our entire suite of instructional tools you can add to your toolbox!