IXL Ambassador 2021-2022 year in review

Our first year of the IXL Ambassador Program is officially in the books and we’d like to take a moment to highlight all of our Ambassadors’ amazing accomplishments from this year! 

The Ambassador Program celebrates passionate IXL teachers and administrators who want to share their success, innovation, and creativity with educators across the country. This past year, we selected over 120 IXL Ambassadors from the US and Canada to be a part of our inaugural program. 

Here is what they have accomplished in one short year:

  • Completed 400+ Monthly Mission activities
  • Provided direct feedback to the IXL team via interviews and surveys
  • Shared classroom ideas and strategies in interview panels
  • Attended and presented at national conferences
  • Participated in case studies
  • Hosted virtual webinars
  • And more!

Hear straight from Ambassadors about their favorite moment from this year:

“I enjoyed engaging in the monthly contests and getting sneak peeks at new features and ways to use IXL.”

― Jolie, Nevada

“I love sharing with others how helpful IXL has been in boosting student achievement and closing skill gaps. Basically, I love to talk about IXL to anyone who will listen!”

― Wendy, Louisiana

“I enjoyed participating in the Zoom Ambassador panel. Not only was it fun to share how I use IXL, but to learn how other teachers use IXL in their classrooms.”

― Chris, Virginia

“I liked knowing what was happening and getting new ideas for how to use IXL more effectively.”

― Debra, Oklahoma

We are excited to welcome our new cohort of 130+ IXL Ambassadors this school year!
Stay tuned for exciting updates from the 2022-23 Ambassador group soon and learn more about the program here.