Skill plans have arrived in the UK

Skip the lesson planning, IXL has you covered. Custom-built by our curriculum team, IXL skill plans match your national curriculum and exam standards to the perfect IXL skills.

A one-stop solution for meeting your teaching goals, you can assign skills to students and track progress directly through your skill plan. Pin your skill plan for your class by clicking the thumbtack icon, or assign specific skills in the plan by clicking the star.

Curriculum skill plans

Best for: Reinforcing your national curriculum

Our Curriculum skill plans perfectly match the concepts within your country’s national curriculum to custom-built IXL skills. Explore our skill plans for Maths and English aligned to Scottish, English, Welsh, and Northern Irish standards.

Test prep skill plans

Best for: Teaching for GCSE or A Levels

IXL has Test prep skill plans for your testing needs! Each skill is custom-built to align with your exams’ specific standards, so you have the exact content you need at your fingertips. These plans are great to use year-round and for end-of-year revision!

Using your skill plan

Once you’ve selected your skill plan, you can use it in a number of different ways depending on what works best in your classroom. Here are some ideas:

  • Choose a skill from the plan and start an IXL Group Jam to go over the topic with the whole class.
  • Assign skills directly through your skill plan and have students practice on their own.
  • As students work on the skill plan, use Live Classroom to monitor your students’ progress in real time.
  • Check for understanding in IXL Analytics. From your skill plan, click “View report” to see the Score Grid and easily check for completion. You can also filter the Trouble Spots report by skill plan to see the precise concepts that students need help with.

Don’t have access to IXL yet?

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