IXL video tutorials are now available in Canada!

IXL’s video tutorials library is constantly growing! IXL’s Canada edition now includes instructional videos for nearly every IXL Math skill in grades 4 through 10.

Created in partnership with expert instructors from Wyzant, these bite-sized videos provide detailed strategies for tackling IXL skills. 

Most grade 4 through grade 10 math skills on IXL Canada come with an accompanying video lesson that supports the specific concept covered in the skill. This helps teachers, parents, and students by putting targeted instructional resources right in your hands!

How to access video tutorials

You can access any video from the practice page of its associated skill by clicking the “Watch a tutorial” link near the top of the page.

A skill on the volume of a triangular prism with buttons for "Learn with an example" and "Watch a tutorial" above it.

Video tutorials created by Canadian instructors will include a small Canadian flag next to the IXL logo. Videos are available on desktop and mobile-web, but they are not available on the IXL apps at this time.

What to expect from video tutorials

In a typical video, a tutor walks through the concepts covered in the skill and works through several example problems to make sure students understand. The videos feature a number of tutors and different approaches to teaching the concept, which helps students stay engaged by offering a variety of content.

The average length of a video is around five minutes, and they include the option for English closed captions. Simply click the CC button at the bottom of the video and select English to turn them on!

More support outside the classroom

Video tutorials are a great educational resource for students when they’re away from the classroom and working independently, whether they’re learning new skills, reinforcing what they learned in class, or trying to get help when they’re stuck.

They also give parents an easily available resource to help their children at home. If you aren’t familiar with a concept your child is learning, IXL video tutorials can provide guidance on the exact skill your child is working on.

Another opportunity to learn

With these videos, you have another way of using IXL to support different learning styles and needs! Video tutorials provide engaging bite-sized lessons on each topic, which is particularly helpful for visual and auditory learners. Then, students can dive into IXL skills for active learning and practice. Along the way, they’ll receive real-time feedback and answer explanations to help them learn from their mistakes. With multiple resources they can turn to, students can learn more effectively and better retain their new knowledge.

Want to see IXL’s video tutorials in action? Check out the grade 6 skill Volume of triangular prisms to try it out! 

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