Level up learning with school-wide Leaderboards

Empower students of all abilities with a little friendly competition! School-wide Leaderboards allow students to make progress in their curriculum while having fun competing as individuals or teams. Administrators can create custom competitions across grade or ability levels to compete over total questions answered, skills mastered, time spent on IXL, and more.

How to use Leaderboards

Administrators can create a new Leaderboard by hovering over the ‘Learning’ section while signed in to IXL, and clicking the “Leaderboard” link.

When setting up a Leaderboard, administrators can personalize what the competition will be based on, the duration of the competition, and which subjects and grade level skills will count. 


They can also choose if classes will participate as a team, as individuals, or both! All classes will be given a randomly generated team name to keep competitors anonymous on the student view.

Once created, Leaderboards display the standing of each participant or team, their specific scores, and the amount of time left in the competition. 

When admins choose to have classes and individuals compete together they can toggle between viewing individual scores and team scores. Only administrators and teachers will be able to see the real class name for a team.

Students, teachers, and administrators can look at the Leaderboard at any time to see the rankings, and refresh the page to view the most up-to-date scores.

There are so many ways to use Leaderboards in your school!

  • Build excitement for a math or ELA week with a whole-school Leaderboard.
  • Empower students to work at their own pace with differentiated competitions for students who are below grade level.
  • Provide a space for advanced learning by organizing “competition classes” of top students from each grade level or class to compete against one another.
  • Encourage team building and de-stress after exams with a fun competition between classes.
  • Share the leaderboard on a TV in the hallway or cafeteria for students to track the competition’s progress.
  • Celebrate hard work and teamwork with prizes for the top performing classes!

Challenge your students to work together for the number one rank, and fire up their competitive spirits with IXL Leaderboards!

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