IXL now offers K-8 Science and Social Studies!

Plus, K-12 Math and ELA

Big news: IXL has added science and social studies for kindergarten and first grade! 

IXL’s new early elementary science and social studies skills give young students an early start to these important subjects. Students will develop a solid foundational understanding of key concepts in the world around them, from life science to civic engagement!

Plus, students of any age can use these skills to review fundamental concepts and strengthen their understanding. 

With this addition, IXL provides a comprehensive curriculum in kindergarten through 8th grade across all four core subjects: math, English language arts, science, and social studies. This helps educators and parents meet each student’s needs on IXL’s personalized learning platform, and provides students with a consistent learning experience that seamlessly integrates all four core subjects.

Let’s dive into the new curriculum!

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IXL Science

IXL’s comprehensive K-8 science curriculum helps students develop their reasoning and critical thinking skills while learning about the world around them. IXL Science covers physical science, Earth science, and life science, as well as the scientific method and engineering design thinking.

IXL Science is fully aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and all state standards. Plus, research shows that schools using IXL score as much as 16 percentile points higher in science on state assessments


Kindergarten and first grade science

When early elementary students understand core concepts across scientific disciplines, it creates a solid knowledge base that they can continue to build upon. 

IXL’s new science curriculum for kindergarten and first grade ensures that students will gain a foundational understanding of all major topics, including:

  • Physical science: Learn to classify and compare objects based on their physical properties. Students will also learn foundational information about light, sound, and forces.
  • Life science: Discover different types of living things, their life cycles, and how they meet their survival needs in the places they live.
  • Earth and space science: Explore Earth’s resources and features, how humans impact the environment, patterns of weather, and objects in the sky.
  • Science and engineering practices: Begin to develop key science and engineering practices by designing solutions to problems related to physical, earth, and life science.


Sample K-1 science skills

Let’s take a look at some sample skills for kindergarten and first grade science:

What do animals need to survive?  In this skill, students learn what animals need to survive: food, water, air, shelter, and space. Students see how a variety of animals meet these needs in their habitats.

Which lets light go through? In this skill, students distinguish between objects that let light through and objects that don’t. Students learn that materials interact with light in different ways, and build a foundation for transparent/translucent/opaque vocabulary in later grades.

Learn more about IXL Science and explore all of our IXL Science skills. And see why educators and parents love IXL Science in our science case studies!


IXL Social Studies

IXL’s comprehensive K-8 social studies curriculum helps students learn about the world and their responsibilities in society, preparing them to be future citizens and leaders. IXL Social Studies covers a wide range of topics, including U.S. and world history, civics, economics, cultural celebrations, geography, and more.

Plus, IXL Social Studies is fully aligned to the state standards for all 50 U.S. states.


Kindergarten and first grade social studies

For early elementary learners, IXL social studies brings history to life and encourages students to explore beyond facts and dates.

IXL’s new social studies curriculum for kindergarten and first grade ensures that students will gain a foundational understanding of core topics, including:


  • Community: Discover different types of communities, how people work together in a community, and what jobs community members hold.
  • Civics: Learn about rules and laws, what authority figures are, and how to be good citizens in their schools and communities.
  • History: Distinguish between the past and the present, and learn about many famous historical figures.
  • Economics: Explore foundational topics such as needs and wants, scarcity, goods and services, and producers and consumers.
  • Social studies skills: Begin to develop key social studies skills such as putting events in order and identifying sources that could be used to learn about a topic.


Sample K-1 social studies skills

Let’s take a look at some sample skills for kindergarten and first grade social studies:

Jobs community helpers do: In this skill, students will learn about a variety of jobs performed by people in their communities.

Then and now – Transportation and Communication: This skill is part of a series of skills designed to help students distinguish between the past and the present. Students will compare images of transportation and communication technology today to examples from various points in the past.

Learn more about IXL Social Studies and explore all of our social studies skills. Plus, see why educators and parents love IXL Science in our social studies case studies!


Supporting young learners

IXL has a variety of resources to help make learning fun and engaging for young learners! 

IXL’s built-in audio support helps young learners continue to develop their reading skills while they’re learning new content across different subjects. Audio support is automatically available for math, language arts, and science skills up through 2nd grade, and this feature can be extended through 5th grade for additional support. 

Plus, IXL’s award-winning mobile app is engaging and intuitive, helping to immerse students in a world of learning. 


IXL’s comprehensive K-8 curriculum

With a comprehensive K-8 curriculum in math, English language arts, science, and social studies, IXL has everything you need to support elementary and middle schooler learners on a single, integrated platform. 

Plus, IXL provides a full K-12 curriculum in math and English language arts, helping students achieve success through high school and beyond.

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