IXL lovers: The Ambassador program is back!

Are you an IXL superfan looking to join a like-minded community of other IXL lovers? The IXL Ambassador Program celebrates passionate educators who want to share their success, innovation, and creativity with others around the world. 

Over the past year, over 130 Ambassadors participated in exclusive events and discussions like:  

  • Completing 400+ Monthly Mission activities
  • Traveling to national education conferences
  • Participating in case studies and research
  • Hosting virtual webinars and panel discussions
  • Sharing classroom ideas and strategies 
  • Providing product feedback directly to the IXL team
  • And more!

Now, you can apply to join the growing community! As an IXL Ambassador, you’ll have the exciting opportunity to:

  • Participate in insider opportunities: Engage in Ambassador-only activities like attending national conferences, hosting webinars, participating in user research or case studies, and more!
  • Empower educators: Support peers in your community and beyond by sharing your best IXL strategies with teachers, students, and families. 
  • Unlock even more value: Get sneak peeks of product releases, share feedback directly with the IXL team, and much more! Plus, show off your Ambassadorship with badges, certificates, and free swag.

Learn more about the program or fill out an application before May 15, 2023. Ambassadors will be selected and announced in July. Stay tuned! 

Questions? Email ambassadors@ixl.com.