What’s new on IXL – April 2023

At IXL, we strive to keep our teaching and learning platform in line and up to date with students’ evolving needs. That’s why we compile a list of our top new features to help you—as a learner, educator, or parent—get the most out of IXL.

Keep reading below for a roundup of releases from the past month, including new district reports, assigning IXL Quizzes through Learning Management Systems, and more! To stay current with our latest updates, follow IXL on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Table of contents:

Major releases

New district-level reports

We’ve released two new reports in IXL District Analytics! These reports clearly demonstrate how your students are tracking toward IXL’s research-backed goals to maximize learning. And with subject and date range filtering, easy-to-read visuals, and seamless export options, you can compare student practice data across your district and identify key trends in minutes. 

The two new reports are:

  • Skill Usage: Shows exactly how your students are using IXL, including how many questions they’ve answered and how much time they’ve spent practicing. 
  • Skill Proficiency: Shows how students are practicing, reaching proficiency, and mastering skills across your district.

Learn more about our two new District Analytics reports.

Feature updates

Assign IXL Quizzes in LMSs

Teachers can now assign IXL Quizzes in our supported Learning Management System (LMS) integrations, including Canvas and Google Classroom! Similar to IXL skills and the IXL Diagnostic, teachers can now assign active IXL Quizzes to students in their LMS, and students can then access and take those quizzes within the LMS.

To assign a quiz through a LMS, teachers will launch the IXL activity selector when creating a new assignment, select “My Active Quizzes” from the dropdown menu, and choose the quiz to link. Once a quiz is linked to a published assignment, students will see the quiz in their list of assignments in the LMS. 

Unlike skills, however, IXL Quizzes will need to be assigned to students on IXL for the student to see and complete the quiz.

Skill plan updates and new skills

Indiana ILEARN test prep plans

We released new test prep skills plans for Indiana’s statewide assessments! Indiana ILEARN skill plans are now available for grades 3-8 in math and ELA. These plans are especially helpful for review in the weeks leading up to the test. Check out one of the new plans here!

Updates to the Pennsylvania STEELS skill plan

We’ve updated our Pennsylvania science skill plans to ensure consistency with the new Pennsylvania STEELs standards. These updates include adding technology and engineering standards in grades 6-8, and updating standard numbers for grades 2-8. Check out one of the updated skill plans here.

Checkpoints aligned to Ohio standards

We’ve expanded our Checkpoints for Ohio to include high school Integrated Math 1 and 2. Now, teachers and students in Ohio can access these Checkpoints directly from their state standards skill plan. And, if teachers have pinned the skill plan, they can use the Checkpoint Performance report in IXL Analytics to evaluate student readiness.

Kentucky World Language alignments

We’ve added new Spanish alignments for Kentucky’s World Language standards, adopted in 2021! These alignments are available on the Standards page.

New math and ELA textbook skill plans

We’ve released new skill plans for 7 math textbooks and 1 ELA textbook.

We also made significant updates to our skill plans for California Go Math (grades K-5).

New K-1 science and social studies skill plans

We now have kindergarten and first grade skill plans for all 50 states featuring our new science and social studies skills! Check out one of the new skill plans here!

Summer Boost and Summer Adventures are back!

Our summer spotlight skill plans are back! As in previous years, we have two seasonal skill plans for summer, with each plan providing 20 days’ worth of skill recommendations:

  • Summer Boost focuses on the most important skills from the previous year, to set students up for success in the fall. They are available for math & ELA for rising K-12 students.
  • Summer Adventures is designed to keep students exploring fun new topics this summer. There’s one plan per grade for rising K-8 students, incorporating skills from all four subjects. This year, we’ve updated the K-1 plans to include some of our newly-launched science and social studies skills!

For both plans, students should select their grade for the upcoming fall (e.g., rising third graders should use the third grade plan). 

New math skills

We’ve released over a dozen new math skills from Kindergarten through Algebra 1! The new skills involve topics such as addition and subtraction word problems, drawing polygons, choosing appropriate statistical measures, and finding slope from a table. We have created several versions of some of these skills to support the needs of different grades, state standards, and textbook skill plans.

New science skills

We’ve released three new science skills! 

New social studies skills

We’ve released several new social studies skills for grades K-1! 

Additional releases

Report icon added to practice page

Parents and teachers can now see the report icon at the top of the skill practice page. This provides teachers and parents another way to easily dive into relevant reports and see their learners’ progress. 

Just like on the grade-level landing pages, teachers will see the report icon when their students have practiced the skill in the current school year, and clicking on it will take them to the relevant Skill Analysis report. For parents, the report icon will appear when any of their children have practiced the skill, and clicking on it will take them to the relevant Questions Log report.

New math and ELA video tutorials

We’ve released 36 new math videos to expand coverage in existing grades. These include 20 new grade 3 videos, 5 new Geometry videos, and 11 new localized grade 6 math videos for the Canada edition. These videos cover topics such as sorting shapes into a diagram and dilations and parallel lines.

We’ve also released 12 new kindergarten phonics videos and 5 new grade 6 ELA videos to expand our coverage in those grades. These videos cover topics such as reading sight words and recognizing the parts of a Works Cited entry (MLA 8th-9th editions).

With these additions, we now have more than 2,100 tutorial videos on IXL!

More math skills with Spanish support

We’ve expanded our Spanish-language support to include several new math skills in middle school and high school. These newly supported skills include 6 Checkpoints about solving equations, rigid motion and congruence, coordinate proofs, line and angle proofs, volume, and probability of compound events.

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