New Phonics and Reading Skills for Budding Bookworms!

Plus new and updated math and social studies skills

February 21, 2017


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Exciting news for young readers and writers: we’ve just released over 100 new phonics and reading skills to support early literacy development! And—we have new and revamped math skills for kindergarten through precalculus, as well as updated social studies skills for middle school. Check out the new content on IXL, or keep reading for all the details.

New language arts skills

Foster an early love of language with over 60 new phonics skills for grade 1 and over 50 new reading comprehension skills for grades 3 through 5! Our playful phonics skills are packed with custom illustrations, and professionally recorded audio supports students as they master the mechanics of reading. Our reading comprehension skills feature full-length passages that serve as capstone skills and help students prepare for the types of questions they’ll encounter on end-of-year exams.

You can check out all the new skills here, or see some examples below.

Complete the poem with a word that rhymes (grade 1)

In this whimsical skill, students build their reading fluency and comprehension by filling in the missing word in a short poem.

Compare mythological illustrations (grades 3–5)

This skill helps students develop their literacy of visual texts as they analyze artwork of myths and stories from around the world. By noting artistic choices like color, composition, and what details are included, students learn how visuals can highlight different aspects of the same story.

New and updated math skills

IXL’s curriculum team is always adding new skills and improving existing content. New and revamped skills for kindergarten through precalculus make math more accessible to learners by introducing challenging material in the context of familiar concepts and procedures. Take a peek at the sample skill, and try all the new content here.

Find the area of rectangles with missing unit squares (grade 3)

In this skill, students will find the area of shapes with missing pieces. It introduces this idea using familiar concepts to students: finding the area of rectangles using multiplication and counting unit squares.

Updated social studies skills

IXL is making our middle school content even more engaging with upgraded maps and timelines that allow students to interact with history in new and exciting ways. Head to IXL to start practicing!

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Makuena February 21, 2017 at 8:14 pm

Thank you IXL just when I was about to teach Poems! You have made teaching and learning fun and easy! Keep reviewing and adding more skills that will help teachers, parents and students!


The IXL Team February 22, 2017 at 10:20 am

We’re glad you enjoy IXL! Have fun with your poetry unit!


Celyne Phimister February 23, 2017 at 4:24 pm

this looks really cool…I could be really good at this.


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