IXL Volunteers at the Millbrae Education Foundation Walk-A-Thon

Walk for a Cause: Supporting Technology and Music Education

February 10, 2017


Life at IXL

On Saturday, February 4, IXL volunteered at the Millbrae Education Foundation (MEF) Walk-A-Thon for the second year in a row! The MEF is a non-profit, parent-run volunteer organization that raises essential funds to provide technology and music education for the 2500+ students in the city of Millbrae. The MEF held a district-wide walk-a-thon this month to raise money for these programs—including IXL, which is used by 3 out of 5 schools in the district.

Despite the overcast weather, dedicated IXL volunteers helped to ensure that the MEF Walk-A-Thon went smoothly by showing up early to set-up, helping with registration and logistics, and even directing traffic!

For Jackson Stodgel, human resources coordinator, the event was “an opportunity to give back to educational communities that utilize IXL Learning.”

Product designer Tyler Beck agreed, saying “I volunteered because I care about the local community and students having access to technology and music programs.” He added that he “enjoyed directing the cars into rows for parking because it felt like a high-stakes game of Tetris.”

Students get moving!

Photo Credit: Antonio Capto, parent and MEF Volunteer


The event was a huge success, raising a phenomenal $95,000 and bringing the grand total for this year’s fundraising to just over $300,000! Over 600 students attended with their families and the strong sense of community spirit was felt by all.

Tim Lee, senior billing specialist and photographer extraordinaire, summarized the event: “I volunteered because the event not only helps the future of the schools, but also celebrates what we have right now and what we can do as a community when we come together for one day to bring joy to everyone involved. As the photographer, I enjoyed trying to capture the spirit of the event through the children’s eyes. Their excitement and joy made my job a lot easier. The hard part was trying to keep up!”

Karen Bettucchi, director of customer success and MEF parent volunteer and board member
Vahn Phayprasert, superintendent of Millbrae Elementary School District
Maggie Musa, Millbrae Elementary School Board Trustee
Chiara Bettucchi, 7th grade student
Alessio Bettucchi, kindergarten student

To learn more about the Millbrae Education Foundation visit millbraekids.org.

By Amanda Chen, senior membership specialist, and Karen Bettucchi, director of customer success

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#EstherforLife February 14, 2017 at 7:06 pm

Hi! I’m Esther! And I have a question for IXL! For 2017′s Study In the Sun Usage Summer Contest can the prize be a iPhone SE? Also when people win the contest where do they go to get the prize?
Big thanks to everyone who does IXL! And thanks for everything.


The IXL Team February 15, 2017 at 10:19 am

Hi Esther–We always take care of sending the prizes to contest winners. We’ll be sharing the details (including prizes) of our next Study in the Sun contest when it gets a bit closer to summertime, so stay tuned for news on our social media pages and blog!


#EstherforLife February 18, 2017 at 8:41 pm

Hi! It’s Esther again and thanks IXL for answering my question and thanks for the info! I just wanted to know what was gonna happen so I would be prepared. And if I have any questions or anything I’ll just get back to you! At first I didn’t really think anybody was gonna answer! So I’ll be sure to stay tuned! Bye!


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