Listen up! New social studies skills and expanded audio for language arts

We’ve got a summer treat for you: we’ve just added new social studies skills and we’ve expanded the audio for our language arts skills up to 5th grade! Check out the details of these new features below, then try them for yourself at

New social studies skills

We have brand new middle school content that covers ancient history, U.S. history, world history, world religions, and geography. We’ve also added the first skill in a new series that helps students apply social studies concepts. With these new skills, students will learn to analyze historical artifacts, interpret primary sources, understand the growth and spread of ancient civilizations, and more.

See these examples, and practice all of the new skills on IXL.

The Beginnings of Rome (grades 6–7)

Students will travel back in time to examine the founding of Rome and how the Roman Empire developed, as well as learn about relevant geographic and cultural influences.

Identify primary and secondary sources (grades 6–8)

The first in a new topic called “Social studies skills,” this skill challenges students to understand and identify the types of sources historians use in their research.

New language arts audio

You’ve asked, and we’ve heard! We’re expanding the audio in IXL Language Arts to include all skills up to 5th grade. This will add text-to-speech support to over 650 skills! With this release, we’re promoting literacy development in young students and making it possible for struggling readers and English language learners to work more independently at their grade level. Check it out on IXL!