Head back to school with brand new phonics and reading comprehension skills!

Plus, new science and social studies skills

August 22, 2017


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We’ve got lots of new skills to help you get this school year started on the right foot! We’ve just added phonics for grade 2 and reading comprehension for middle school, as well as brand new science and social studies skills. Find all the details on our latest release below, then head to IXL to start practicing!

New language arts skills

Build those early literacy abilities with almost 70 new phonics skills for grade 2! IXL now offers continuous phonics coverage from pre-K through second grade, with whimsical content and colorful illustrations that make learning to read and spell a fun adventure.


We’ve also extended our reading comprehension content to middle school with over 40 new skills. These skills build strong readers by asking students to engage critically with increasingly difficult texts and stories, challenging them to read longer passages, understand vocabulary in context, identify implied main ideas, and more.

For a taste of the new content, see the examples below. Then check them all out on IXL!

Choose the vowel team sentence that matches the picture (grade 2)

Fanciful pictures and sentences pique students’ imagination as they build their reading fluency.

Analyze short stories (grades 6–8)

As students read and reread a short story to answer questions and identify supporting evidence, they’ll encounter a variety of relatable narratives and practice their close reading skills.

New science skills

We’ve released new skills for grades 4 through 8, covering a variety of concepts: biochemistry, chemical reactions, cells, adaptations, natural resources, and atoms and molecules. As students practice, they’ll encounter lots of real-life examples, draw conclusions, and further develop their critical thinking abilities.

Check out this example, then practice all of the new skills on IXL!

Evaluate natural energy sources (grades 4–5)

Students will learn about the various ways people use natural resources and think critically about the impact of those activities.

New social studies skills

At IXL, we’re always adding new content to make sure that you have the resources to support your curriculum. We’ve expanded our middle school coverage in several key areas, including ancient Rome and the American Revolution, as well as releasing a skill that helps students identify facts and opinions.

Here’s one example, and you can see the rest of the new skills here!

Science and technology in early China (grades 6–7)

Students will get an even more in-depth picture of early China as they discover the origins of everyday technologies that we take for granted, such as paper, calendar systems, and metalworking.

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Gummi Tongue August 24, 2017 at 9:47 am

What a great um update! My kids will LOOOOVE this. Thanks, IXL!


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