Introducing the IXL Continuous Diagnostic!

Big news: we’ve got a new classroom essential that’s going to make your back to school experience even better! The IXL Continuous Diagnostic is the first of its kind, delivering student insights that are always up to date. It also offers personalized recommendations that tell you exactly how to target knowledge gaps and help students progress. It’s a game-changing resource for both teachers and students!

Insights that are always up to date

With the IXL Continuous Diagnostic, you always have a complete and accurate portrait of students’ knowledge. While students work through regular IXL skill practice and answer just a handful of diagnostic questions a week, the Continuous Diagnostic works in the background and continuously updates their results.

Unique action plans for each learner

The IXL Continuous Diagnostic provides specific skill recommendations for individual students and small groups based on their diagnostic results. These recommendations target their needs at the perfect difficulty level and are drawn directly from IXL skills, so they’re available with just one click!

An empowering student experience

Unlike traditional assessments, IXL’s Continuous Diagnostic is designed to empower and motivate your students. Their results and recommendations are available anytime they want to see where they’re excelling and what they can do to improve.

How it works

The IXL Continuous Diagnostic adapts to students as they answer questions in order to hone in on their level of knowledge. It offers an engaging and informal experience where students can start and stop diagnosing at any time.

There’s lots to explore with IXL’s Continuous Diagnostic! See it for yourself at and check out the video below to learn more: