Using IXL Analytics at Home!

3 reports parents can use to help their children achieve more

If your children have been using IXL this school year or if they use IXL at home, you may have heard about some of our unique reports in IXL Analytics. These reports provide detailed insights on how your kids are performing and working towards their academic goals–a great way to check in on your children’s progress between report cards and parent-teacher conferences! Continue reading to learn more about some of these reports in IXL Analytics and discover tried and true practices that you can immediately start using!


Get a bird’s eye view of your child’s work in IXL with the Usage report. It shows you their time spent on IXL, how many questions they answered, the number of skills they’ve made progress in, and which topics they tried. You’ll also see a breakdown of what your kids did in every one of their practice sessions.

Try it out: Check this report on a weekly or biweekly basis to see if your children are staying focused! You can even have them show what they know and teach you one of the skills they’ve been working on.

Score Chart

Get a glance at your child’s progress with the Score Chart! This report provides a run-down of scores for each skill, the number of questions answered, time spent, and your child’s last practice session.

Try it out: For more in-depth insights and ways to support your child, check out the Questions report by clicking on your child’s SmartScore. You’ll then see your child’s actual questions and answers for a particular skill. If they need some extra practice before a big test, you can turn this report into a printable worksheet by checking “show missing questions only” and “hide correct answer.”

Trouble Spots

It’s easy to tackle trouble spots with IXL Analytics! This report will help you zero in on concepts your child needs extra help with. You’ll even see the exact questions your child received and missed.

Try it out: If your child is struggling with a skill, review the actual questions they missed using this report. Then, work through them together to ensure they understand their mistakes and can move forward. For an extra challenge, have them set specific SmartScore goals (try 80 or 90) for Trouble Spots skills and celebrate their progress as they reach these milestones!

See what parents and students are saying about IXL Analytics:

My six-year-old son is very bright in reading, writing, and other areas and is easily reading at a 2nd grade level if not above. The one area he struggles in is math. But with IXL, I can see some improvement in his math skills already. I like the fact that he can access it from home and practice it. I also like the fact that I can check on his progress. This is an invaluable tool that I can use to help further his education. — Lee Klekotka, parent, Lansing, Michigan

The reports are brilliant in keeping us informed of the levels our children have reached and where they need extra help. — Linda Rindfleish, parent, Coolah, New South Wales, Australia

I like how the reports show comprehensive coverage of everything you do on IXL. Also, the syllabus-aligned skills are great. — Adithyan, 6th grade student, Trivandrum, Kerala, India


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