New social studies and science skills just in time for fall!

Plus, enhanced skills in math and language arts

September 25, 2018


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We’re continually working to expand our skill offerings to make IXL’s curriculum the best it can be! This week, we’ve added new social studies and science skills for middle school. We’ve also strengthened key skills in math and language arts for grades 4-6. Continue reading to sample the new content then head to IXL to try out the new skills yourself!

New social studies skills

Our latest release features 9 new social studies skills for grades 6-8 that cover early modern Europe and source analysis. View some examples below then check out the new skills!


The Enlightenment: origins and natural rights

In this skill, students will learn about prominent Enlightenment thinkers and their ideas on government, religion, and natural rights.

The Enlightenment: influences on government

This skill helps students deepen their understanding of Enlightenment ideas about government power and explore the effect of these ideas on governments around the world.

Source analysis: Gettysburg Address

This skill focuses on source analysis, which allows students to develop their historical thinking and literacy skills through an in-depth look at the Gettysburg Address.

New science skills

We added 6 new science skills for grades 6-8 focused on Newtonian forces. Check out the examples below, then start practicing here.

Predict forces using Newton’s third law

In this skill, students will analyze a variety of real-world situations to apply Newton’s third law. After reading a description of one force, students will determine what equal and opposite force is also occurring.

Balanced and unbalanced forces

This skill helps students apply their knowledge of forces to determine whether the forces acting on an object are balanced or unbalanced.

New math skills

In grade 4, we refined our coverage of word names for numbers and comparing numbers by breaking existing skills into separate skills with varying number ranges. In grade 6, we added a percents skill and updated a fractions review skill to increase its focus on number lines. Visit IXL to try out the new skills!

New language arts skills

We’ve updated our mechanics skills in grades 4 and 5, allowing students to practice complex comma rules in a more targeted and scaffolded manner. This also includes new coverage of commas after introductory phrases. Practice using commas with direct addresses and commas with introductory words yourself!

Which new IXL skills are you most excited to try? Share with us in the comments below!

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