Announcing IXL’s NWEA MAP alignments!

The perfect tool to accelerate growth

IXL has introduced skill alignments for the NWEA MAP Growth math assessments!

These alignments pinpoint the right skills for every RIT score, so that you can quickly and easily direct your students to the exact IXL skills they should focus on. Simply choose an instructional area, and have students complete the IXL skills recommended for their score!

Because each IXL skill is adaptive, it will give students the support they need to build mastery at their own pace. If a specific skill is too challenging for a student, direct them to use the in-skill recommendations at the bottom of the screen, which will help them fill the knowledge gap. Once a student has completed all the skills in their score range, they’re ready to move on to the next score range and continue building their knowledge!

NEW for fall 2019: NWEA MAP skill plans! Built right into IXL, these skill plans make it even easier to find the right skills and suggest them to your students. See the new skill plans here!

You can also download PDF versions of the alignments here and below.

Grades:   K-2     2-5      6+