New IXL skills just in time for summer!

Over 900 new and updated skills to explore

Just in time for summer, we’ve added a wealth of new skills to explore! Deepen your conceptual understanding of math, dive into engaging texts, discover new laboratory tools, learn about citizenship, and much more!

These exciting new additions mean that some IXL skill codes have changed. You can view all of the updates on, so discovering new skills and finding old favorites is just a click away!

New math skills
We’ve added over 300 brand-new math skills across grades K-12! Featuring content that focuses on building a conceptual understanding of math, many new skills use visual models to illuminate abstract concepts. In addition, we’ve added new skills that demonstrate real-world mathematical applications with age-appropriate word problems.

Plus, we’ve updated over 600 math skills! We’ve fine-tuned our difficulty progression and alignment to standards in order to provide teachers and administrators with even more skills that are perfectly tailored to their curriculum. Some of these skills also have fresh explanations and engaging new artwork!

See some examples below, then check out all the new skills on IXL!

Conceptual Understanding

Multiply one-digit numbers by two-digit numbers with area models

This pair of skills provides students with a visual strategy to understand and perform multi-digit multiplication

Word Problems

Multi-step word problems: identify reasonable answers

This skill requires students to think critically about whether an estimate is reasonable.

Updated Artwork

Build cube trains to measure height

This colorful skill helps students understand the concept of measuring the length of an object.

New English language arts skills

We’ve added nine new reading and writing skills each for grades four and five!

Our new reading skills feature a variety of engaging texts across different genres. Students practice reading these texts closely to determine the main idea, analyze literary devices, identify a theme, or make inferences.

And, our new writing skills help build confident writers by offering targeted practice in key concepts like topic sentences, concluding sentences, organizational structure, and summarizing a text. They also provide a focus on revising and strengthening writing by asking students to consider things like verb choice and ways to add imagery to stories.

You may notice that we’ve also updated the categories on our third, fourth, and fifth grade pages to better showcase the wide variety of topics and skills that we cover.

See some examples below, then check out all the new skills on IXL!

Draw inferences from a text

In this skill, students practice drawing inferences from short narrative scenes, helping them comprehend, make predictions about, and analyze longer literary works.

Add imagery to stories

In this skill, students add imagery to stories by choosing descriptive details that make sentences more informative and evocative.

New science skills

We’ve added one new skill each for grades five through eight covering science practices and tools. These skills help to prepare students for work in class laboratories by teaching them to identify common lab tools by name!

Identify laboratory tools

New social studies skills

We’ve added one new civics skill each for grades six through eight. In these skills, students will learn about citizenship in the United States, exploring the rights citizens have and the ways that people can become U.S. citizens.

Citizenship and the naturalization process