Get hands-on with IXL’s math workbooks!

Did you know you can also learn offline with IXL? Our print workbooks are a great complement to your membership and will help students master math through engaging problems, helpful guidance, and colorful visuals. It’s a great way to switch up your learning routine! You can find all of IXL’s workbooks on Amazon.

The Ultimate IXL Workbooks

New to IXL are the Ultimate math workbooks, which cover all of the essential math concepts in grades 1–5.

  • Grade 1: Learn must-know math skills, from addition and subtraction facts to shapes and measurement.
  • Grade 2: Tackle multi-digit addition, subtraction, measurement and money.
  • Grade 3: Practice skills such as multiplication and division, fractions, geometry and more.
  • Grade 4: Brush up on their multi-digit multiplication and division, adding and subtracting fractions, and more.
  • Grade 5: Take on topics that include multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, geometry and measurement. 

Topic-specific workbooks

To further drill down into key math skills, try out our topic-specifc workbooks! Available for grades 1–5, they dive into topics such as multiplication, decimals, fractions, and more. 

  • Grade 1 Addition: Learn addition facts and strategies, how to add one- and two-digit numbers, and solve word problems. 
  • Grade 2 Addition and Subtraction: Study up on addition and subtraction strategies, including how to calculate multi-digit numbers.
  • Grade 3 Fractions, Multiplication, and Division: Work on finding equivalent fractions, learn properties of multiplication, and practice long division. 
  • Grade 4 Fractions & Decimals, Multiplication: Practice adding and multiplying with fractions, as well as modeling and comparing decimals. 
  • Grade 5 Fractions, Decimals: Add, subtract, multiply, and divide proper fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.