Track your students’ at-home progress

Want to know what your students have been working on while they’re at home, and see what they may need help with? It’s easy to get the exact information you need with IXL Analytics! 

These guides highlight your new go-to reports:



With IXL Analytics, you’ll be in-the-know on your students’ progress! See how to:

  • Keep track of students’ assignments on IXL
  • Prioritize topics for whole-class instruction
  • Identify students who may benefit from 1-1 conferencing
  • Guide your 1-1 discussions with students

Get the guide: Tracking students’ at-home learning with IXL Analytics



For parents who want to monitor their child’s progress, these reports will come in handy! They’ll quickly find answers to these common questions:

  • What has my child been doing on IXL?
  • Did my child complete their assignments?
  • How can I help my child with areas they’re struggling with?

Get the guide: Track your child’s progress with IXL Analytics