Get reliable assessment results at home

With students at home, many educators are wondering how to assess what their students have learned this year. IXL’s got you covered! The Real-Time Diagnostic measures students’ grade-level proficiency across math and English language arts strands, pinpointing exactly what students know, and what they’re ready to work on next. 

The best part is, the Real-Time Diagnostic can be done at home. We’ve created some brand-new resources to help you get the insights you need:

Teacher guide

With these three simple steps, you can get reliable assessment results from your class!

Teacher Guide >>

Parent guide

Share this guide with parents so they’ll know how to support their child while they’re working on the diagnostic! 

Parent Guide >>


Student guide

This quick-start guide shows students how to step into the Diagnostic arena and discover their current knowledge levels. 

Quick-start guide >>


Student video

Students can also watch this quick video to help them get started!



Diagnostic tracking 

Once students have revealed their starting levels, encourage them to track their progress with these fun printable worksheets! It only takes 10-15 diagnostic questions per week to keep their levels up-to-date.

Math Diagnostic Tracking Worksheet >>
ELA Diagnostic Tracking Worksheet >>