3 ways to help students keep learning this summer

As teachers, we all know about the phenomenon called “the summer slide.” While it’s important to encourage students to get outside and enjoy summer activities, we also want to combat learning loss and help them retain the concepts they’ve worked so hard to learn in school! Here are a few fun and motivating ideas to help your students keep their knowledge fresh throughout the summer months.

IXL Summer skill plans

Encourage students to use our new summer skill plans! Our Summer Spotlight skill plans guide students through important grade-level learning in math and ELA. Plus, our Summer Adventures skill plans create fun themes for students to explore with cross-curricular skills. Students can move through these skill plans at their own pace to keep their skills fresh all summer long! 


Summer resources from IXL

The IXL Summer Resources page is full of fun ways to keep your students on track! Here are a few ideas:

Kick off a summer of learning by suggesting a list of skills for your students to practice. This will help students visualize their summer skills goals in an engaging way!

Customize our IXL coupons to encourage students to keep up the great work. Select the rewards you know will be most motivating to your students—including special prizes, fun classroom jobs, or maybe lunch with their favorite teacher when the school year starts!

Our engaging summer BINGO Boards are back by popular demand! You can use this pre-made board filled with learning ideas, or customize the specific goals you’d like your students to achieve! For inspiration, check out our BINGO Board blog post.

Empower your students to monitor their own growth this summer with our new Diagnostic Tracking Worksheets for math and ELA. After they’ve pinpointed their current knowledge levels, it only takes 10 diagnostic questions per week to keep their stats up to date! Plus, when they come back to school, you’ll know exactly what they’re ready to work on.

Promote interest-based learning

Summer is a great time for students to dive more deeply into the areas they’re curious or passionate about! Consider providing a list of interest-based content options that your students can choose from. For example:

Then, browse our library of IXL skills to find a few topics that align with each interest. Once you’ve identified relevant skills, use the suggested skills feature to assign them to specific students. Students can now practice your suggested skills to develop deeper knowledge within their high-interest areas, and return to school more energized and enthusiastic about their learning journey.

We hope these suggestions will provide some ideas for keeping students engaged over summer vacation. Feel free to give us a summer shoutout on Facebook (@IXL), Twitter (@IXLLearning), or Instagram (@IXL) to share your summer experiences and amazing ideas!