Teach new topics with IXL mini lessons

Lloyd Wafer is an IXL Professional Learning Specialist with nearly a decade of experience as a teacher.

Want to introduce a brand-new topic to your class? It’s easy with IXL’s built-in mini lessons!

Simply select a skill, and before students get started, have them select “Learn with an example” at the top of the page. This will provide an overview of the topic and outline key strategies to solve each problem. 

How to use “Learn with an example”

Let’s take a closer look at these explanations and how they can boost student learning! First, students are given a sample question that exemplifies the topic. In this example, students are asked to “Choose the main idea that ties all the details together.”

Then, IXL outlines the key idea that students will need to approach the problem, and which further enriches their understanding of the concept. 

The “Key idea” section also highlights important vocabulary, definitions, and strategies related to the topic. This is a great opportunity for students to take notes! For example, you can encourage students to record what they’ve learned in their math journal or literacy notebook.

Finally, IXL gives a step-by-step explanation of how to solve the problem. The “Solution” section may contain bolded text, color coding, and other scaffolds that support the student’s understanding. Students can use these strategies to answer similar questions moving forward!


When to use “Learn with an example”

Teachers can also use “Learn with an example” as a tool to support their instruction. When you are screen-sharing, projecting for the whole group, or recording lessons, you can use this to model a concept with your students collectively before transitioning them to their independent practice. Modeling usage of “Learn with an example” is a great way to set expectations and help students build the habit of activating background knowledge before engaging in practice with a new skill. 

Parents who want to help their child at home can also use “Learn with an example” to refresh their own understanding of the concept before their child begins practicing. 



“Learn with an example” is currently available for math and English language arts skills on IXL.com as well as on the IXL app

Want mini lessons for science, social studies, or Spanish topics? Or have a student who was eager to start the skill, and missed the “Learn with an example” option? Don’t worry! IXL’s step-by-step explanations also appear after any missed question, ensuring that students always receive immediate help as soon as it’s needed.