How IXL supports Spanish-speaking learners

There are nearly 5 million English language learners (ELLs) across the United States, and approximately three-quarters of these students speak Spanish as their primary language at home. 

It can often be challenging for these students to learn brand-new topics while developing their English language skills. IXL is designed to support English language learners in a number of ways:

  • The Real-Time Diagnostic assesses students’ grade-level proficiency in math and English language arts, and creates a personalized action plan of the exact IXL skills that they’re ready to learn next.
  • IXL Analytics tracks learners’ progress along the way, and provides teachers with valuable insights to help address trouble spots and provide targeted 1-1 support.
  • IXL’s WIDA ACCESS skill plans for reading and writing show exactly what students need to work on to demonstrate continued growth on the exam.
  • Each IXL skill adapts in difficulty to meet learners where they are and help them grow.

IXL’s approach is research-based and proven to work. Studies have found that among schools with a high percentage of English language learners, those using IXL outperform non-IXL schools on formative assessments.

Spanish resources for students

In addition to this comprehensive support, IXL includes additional resources for students who speak Spanish. IXL Math skills in grades pre-K through Geometry include on-demand Spanish translation, allowing students to succeed in math while simultaneously building their English proficiency.

IXL’s Spanish support tools include both text and audio translations, allowing students to view and hear math questions in their native language. Questions are presented in English first, and students can choose to toggle between Spanish and English. This encourages students to tackle problems in English and use the translations as a support when needed.


Spanish resources for parents

It’s important for parents to be involved in their child’s learning. These helpful resources can support Spanish-speaking parents who would like to learn more about IXL! 

Share this video that gives parents an overview of IXL:


Plus, check out these useful parent guides in Spanish:

  • The IXL Analytics guide helps parents track their child’s progress on IXL.
  • The Real-Time Diagnostic guide shows how parents can help facilitate their child’s assessment, understand their child’s current knowledge levels, and begin their personalized action plan.