Introducing Snapshot mode for the Real-Time Diagnostic

The IXL Real-Time Diagnostic pinpoints each student’s grade-level proficiency in math and English language arts. And now, the new Snapshot mode allows administrators to get up-to-date diagnostic data within a set timeframe. This means that school and district administrators can easily use the diagnostic to get all the benefits of a benchmark assessment in a flexible, lightweight format.

Using Snapshot mode, administrators can:

Capture student knowledge levels at a fixed point in time

Administrators can select specific times during the year for students to complete their diagnostic. This benchmark data enables administrators to identify areas for improvement and hold more data-driven conversations.

Assess students efficiently

As always, the Real-Time Diagnostic pinpoints students’ knowledge levels in as little as 45 minutes per subject. This allows district and school leaders to get the insights they need without placing a large burden on teachers or students. 

Track student performance over time

Insights from previous Snapshots are always available in IXL Analytics, allowing administrators to track student progress between each Snapshot.

Personalized next steps for each student

Based on their responses in the Diagnostic Snapshot, IXL provides each student with a personalized action plan that contains specific skill suggestions for remediation and enrichment. This gives teachers a simple way to differentiate instruction, fill knowledge gaps, and facilitate meaningful progress.

Implementation strategies

The Diagnostic Snapshot mode can be used in key points during the year as a benchmark assessment—for example, to evaluate baseline knowledge at the beginning of the year, and assess progress at the end of the year. To get always-accurate data on student knowledge levels that informs daily instruction, teachers can use the Real-Time Diagnostic on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

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