The IXL assessment suite: A seamless solution for learning growth

Unlock maximum growth for learners with immediate, personalized insights. IXL’s assessment suite accurately identifies students for intervention, benchmarks students against key strands in math and English, and provides detailed data to support teachers’ daily instruction.

Working in concert with IXL’s comprehensive curriculum, IXL’s assessment suite combines the universal screener, Diagnostic Snapshot, and Real-Time Diagnostic to create a seamless learning solution from assessment to instruction.

Assess with confidence

Find out if your students are above or on grade level, below, or far below in as little as 20 minutes with the IXL universal screener. Designed using the most modern assessment principles, the screener informs administrators and teachers which students may be at risk of not meeting grade-level standards in math. 

Efficient and highly adaptive, the IXL universal screener aligns to all state standards and the Common Core. The screener’s advanced algorithm fine-tunes to a student’s abilities after each question, allowing for the most accurate and reliable placement into proficiency levels across key math strands, while keeping assessment time to a minimum.

Track progress and growth

With the Diagnostic Snapshot, administrators can dig deeper into student performance in K-12 math and English. Throughout the year, administrators can set up customizable diagnostic windows to track student progress at specific points in time. 

When administrators start a Snapshot window, they will have the option to assign the universal screener first before transitioning into a Diagnostic Snapshot. This gives administrators quicker access to high-level intervention data before the close of their Snapshot window. Once a Snapshot is complete, IXL generates personalized action plans based on the data so teachers can easily differentiate instruction. 

End-to-end support at all levels

Teachers can keep those personalized action plans and student levels up to date with the Real-Time Diagnostic. With the Real-Time Diagnostic, students are able to pinpoint their grade-level proficiency in as little as 45 minutes per subject and get immediate recommendations for next steps. And if students have already completed the screener, that data will flow through to the Real-Time Diagnostic, shortening the amount of time needed to uncover grade levels.

Putting it all together

  1. Start with IXL’s universal screener to efficiently and accurately identify students in need of intervention.
  2. Then, roll that screener window into a Snapshot to capture students’ initial levels and generate personalized action plans to guide independent work and teacher instruction. 
  3. Next, have students return to the Diagnostic arena once a week to answer questions. (We recommend 10-15 minutes per week to ensure that Diagnostic Action Plans always have up-to-date recommended skills.)

When implemented together, the IXL assessment suite and IXL’s teaching and learning platform create a powerful end-to-end educational experience that gives every student the opportunity to succeed.