What’s new on IXL – April 2022

At IXL, we strive to keep our personalized learning platform in line and up to date with students’ evolving needs. That’s why we compile a list of our top new features to help you—as a learner, educator, or parent—get the most out of IXL.

Keep reading below for a roundup of releases from the past month, including Spring Spotlight skill plans, new textbook skill plans for math and ELA, more math video tutorials, and additional Spanish support for math skills.

New features

Spring Spotlight for math and ELA

Our Spring Spotlight skill plans are perfect for end-of-year review and spring test prep! These plans provide 20 days of math and ELA skill recommendations for students in grades K-12, focusing on the most critical topics at each grade level. You can assign skills directly from the plans and track learner progress using Analytics, or print them out as a PDF.

Image showing IXL

New math skill plans

We’ve added the following new math skill plans:

  • Open Up Resources Grades K-5
  • Dimensions Math Grade 5
  • Into Math Accelerated Grade 7
  • Big Ideas Math 2022 Grades 7-8, Geometry, and Algebra 2

We’ve also updated these skill plans to include skills specifically tailored to each curriculum:

  • EngageNY Math Grade 1
  • Eureka Math Grade 1 and Texas Grade 2
  • Big Ideas Math 2019 Grade 7, Geometry, and Algebra 2
  • Pearson Texas Algebra 1

New ELA skill plans

We added the following new ELA skill plans: 

  • Wit & Wisdom Grades 1, 2, and 5
  • Springboard 2021 Grade 8
  • CKLA Grade 5
  • Spectrum Phonics Grade 4 (Canada)
  • Spectrum Spelling and Word Study Grade 4 (Canada)

We also updated the following skill plans to showcase some of our newest skills: 

  • Reading Wonders 2014 Grades 1 and 2

Updated features

New math video tutorials

We’ve released 87 new grade 5 math videos and 39 new Algebra 1 videos to expand our video tutorial coverage in those grades, which brings us to over 1,100 videos! These cover topics such as box multiplication and greatest possible error. We’ll continue to release more grade 5 and Algebra 1 videos until we finish the skills in those grades. 

We also added videos for four newly released skills in grades 6-8, including volume of complex prisms.

More math skills with Spanish support

We’ve expanded our Spanish-language support to include several dozen new math skills in Pre-K up through Geometry. These newly supported skills involve topics such as comparing length and weight, solving two-step equation word problems, and polynomial operations.

A screenshot of an IXL math skill about two-step equations translated in Spanish