New to IXL Analytics: The Student Summary report!

Track and showcase progress like never before with IXL’s Student Summary report! As the newest addition to IXL Analytics, this report provides all the data teachers need on individual students—all in one place. 

You now have an immediate, comprehensive look at achievements and next steps for each student on your roster. Designed with parents in mind, this report is easy to print or email to families to share their child’s growth at any time. It’s the perfect way to facilitate meaningful conversations and highlight progress at parent-teacher conferences, IEP meetings, and more! 

Read on to learn more about what each section of the report has to offer. 

Get a big-picture view of overall growth 

When identifying where a student stands on their academic journey, it’s helpful to get the big picture up front. The overall growth section allows you to see a student’s diagnostic levels across each Snapshot window, so you can track progress over time! 

Here, you can view a student’s overall knowledge levels in math and ELA throughout the year. Use this insight to determine whether a student is on track to meet learning goals. 

Dive into the details with IXL accomplishments 

Now that you’ve seen the big picture, it’s time to zoom into the details. The IXL accomplishments section provides insight into each student’s achievements! Get a better sense of what their IXL usage looks like with an overview of the number of questions and skills they’ve worked on. 

Below, the color-coded pie charts show how many skills they’ve practiced within each subject (math or ELA) and diagnostic strand. With this insight, you can determine if students should shift their focus to skills in less-represented strands. 

Lastly, celebrate what they know with the skill chart! Within this chart, you’ll see a full list of skills a student has reached mastery or proficiency in. 

See actionable next steps for growth 

Inspire students to take the next step. In this section, you can review the exact skills students have struggled with and provide recommendations for skills to revisit. Additional sections will also appear, depending on how you use IXL with your students: 

  • Suggested skills: See all the skills you (and/or a student’s other teachers) have assigned, and ensure students are on track with their assignments.
  • Biggest opportunity for growth: Encourage students to work on targeted skills IXL has recommended for them based on their work in the IXL Diagnostic.
  • Celebrate student accomplishments: Access printable certificates to recognize a student’s most recent milestones. 

Consider reviewing this section in detail at parent-teacher conferences. With this information, families can gain full insight into where their child is struggling and what skills they can practice at home for additional review. 

Identify opportunities for at-home support 

Pave the way to success by encouraging at-home support! In this section, you can share all the tools parents need to boost their child’s learning, including information on how to sign in to IXL, the IXL app, IXL Analytics, and the IXL blog. 

Inspire the next generation of independent learners

IXL’s Student Summary report isn’t just a useful tool for teachers and parents! Students have access to the report at any time from their own accounts. 

Now, students can turn to this comprehensive report to stay on top of their progress and tackle recommended skills with confidence. Encourage students to use it in tandem with IXL’s instructional resources to build their independent learning skills.

Interested in seeing how the report works? Visit IXL Analytics to check it out or learn more from our Help Center