How much time should my child spend on IXL?

An IXL family membership provides endless opportunities to learn and grow, with a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, video tutorials, learning games, and much more. Whether you use IXL to supplement your child’s learning or as a homeschooling resource, you may be wondering: How much time should my child spend learning on IXL? 

The good news is that it doesn’t take a big time commitment to see progress! Read on to see how IXL can help your learner reach their academic goals in no time. 

How long does it take to boost learning?

The amount of time children spend on IXL daily varies depending on their learning goals, whether that’s a certain amount of skills or a specific SmartScore. However, it doesn’t take long to see progress.

In fact, just answering 15 questions per week on IXL can impact student success! Our research shows that when learners consistently answer at least 15 questions per week, their schools see a performance boost on standardized tests. 

This means that even a small weekly time commitment can make a big difference in your child’s learning. And the more time they spend on IXL, the greater the impact!

How much time does the Real-Time Diagnostic take? 

The IXL Real-Time Diagnostic pinpoints your child’s current knowledge levels in math and English language arts and provides a personalized action plan of the exact IXL skills they’re ready to learn next. It’s a quick and useful way to help learners grow from where they are!

When your child first enters the Diagnostic arena, IXL recommends that they answer questions until their levels have been pinpointed. This typically takes as little as 45 minutes per subject and can be spread out over multiple sessions as needed. As long as your child is signed in, IXL will automatically save their progress. 

And after receiving their initial learning levels, they’ll only need to answer 10-15 questions per week in the diagnostic to keep their levels and recommendations fully up to date. Encourage your child to routinely practice in the diagnostic so they can see how much they’ve grown!

Tips for maximizing time on IXL

No matter what your child’s learning goals are, IXL’s SmartScore is designed to help them master skills at their own pace. If learners miss a question, they can always continue practicing to increase their SmartScore—which is why a SmartScore of 100 is always within reach. In an environment where kids have unlimited opportunities to learn and grow, creating guidelines can help them focus and maximize their time. 

Here are some tips for goal-setting in IXL: 

  • Set reasonable goals: While achieving mastery (a SmartScore of 100) is always possible, it’s not always the right goal for every student. Instead, encourage your child to aim for proficiency (a SmartScore of 80) when first learning a new topic. 
  • Aim for proficiency in at least one skill each week: Research shows that schools see as much as a 16-point bump on state assessments when students reach proficiency in at least one skill per week.
  • Use the 80/20 guide: If your child can’t reach a SmartScore of 80 within 20 minutes while learning independently, it may be time to take a break, ask for help, or try another skill. 

Ultimately, every learner’s needs and goals are unique—so the way they use IXL will be, too. By communicating your expectations clearly with your child, you can set them up for success! 

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