Step-by-step plans for finishing the school year strong

Alyssa Evans is an IXL Professional Learning Specialist with experience as a middle and high school teacher.

Summer is right around the corner, but the school year isn’t over just yet! Help your students make the most of these last several weeks. From direct intervention to in-depth progress reports, IXL has the tools you need to help students reach their goals and have fun in the process. See what you can achieve with the list below! 

Identify end-of-year goals with the Student Summary report 

IXL Analytics is a powerful tool that teachers and students can use to understand their accomplishments and areas for growth. For end-of-year recaps, the Student Summary report is the perfect place to find all the data you need on a single student! 

In this report, you’ll find individual Snapshot growth, IXL skill accomplishments, and skills that each student can revisit to boost their learning. From here, students can see everything they’ve learned from the beginning of the year! Here’s how you can incorporate this report into a multi-step activity: 

  • Identify: Students can use the Student Summary report to identify any skills that they have not yet met their SmartScore goal in. (IXL encourages students to work to at least a SmartScore of 80 for every skill they practice!). 
  • Practice: Students can then record the skill ID for each skill they need more practice with on these bingo charts. From there, students can enter the skill ID into the search bar at the top of their IXL screen, and they will be directed to the skill practice page. 
  • Celebrate: Once the student meets their SmartScore goal for the skill, they can cross it off their bingo chart. Teachers can offer prizes for students that get bingo! 

Keep students engaged with Live Classroom

With summer right around the bend, it can be challenging to quell the excitement and keep students on task. Live Classroom makes it possible to execute your lesson plan and keep students engaged through 1:1 or small group intervention. Here’s how you can incorporate Live Classroom into your daily routine: 

  • Practice: First, teachers can assign a skill for students to practice, or they can allow students to select a skill from their Recommendations wall. While a majority of the class works independently, teachers can have data-driven conversations with small groups or individual students. 
  • Monitor: Teachers can then use IXL’s Live Classroom report to monitor students who are practicing. Live Message is helpful in keeping idle or distracted students on task. 
  • Celebrate: Teachers can then use IXL’s customizable certificates to recognize students based on their personal achievements. 

Have fun accomplishing classwide goals with IXL Leaderboards 

Reel them in with a friendly competition, and encourage them to learn with a prize! IXL Leaderboards are the perfect way for teachers to inspire the whole class to meet their end of year goals. Here’s how it works: 

  • Set up: Teachers can start a new Leaderboard at any time from the Awards tab! For each Leaderboard, you’ll be asked to determine which students you’d like to participate, what objectives you’d like students to work toward, which skills will count, and how long the Leaderboard should run for. 
  • Practice: Encourage students to work on skills based on the objectives you’ve set. They can work together or independently to reach their goals. Consider setting a classwide goal that students can accomplish together! 
  • Celebrate: Leaderboards make it easy for teachers to recognize students’ hard work. Print out the top 10 list, or share certificates with the top 3 Leaderboard winners! 

There’s so much meaningful learning left to do! With the IXL tools listed above, you can ensure that students make time for progress and celebration as they finish out the school year.