What’s new on IXL – May 2022

At IXL, we strive to keep our personalized learning platform in line and up to date with students’ evolving needs. That’s why we compile a list of our top new features to help you—as a learner, educator, or parent—get the most out of IXL.

Keep reading below for a roundup of releases from the past month, including the new Student Summary report, IXL Games, Summer Boost and Summer Adventures skill plans, audio support for science skills, an updated Suggested Skills list, and more! To stay up to date with our latest major updates, follow IXL on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

New features

New Student Summary report in Teacher Analytics

We’ve released the Student Summary report, a new report within Teacher Analytics! This report provides a holistic summary of how an individual student is doing on IXL, and empowers both teachers and parents with actionable next steps on how they can support the learner.

The report includes a summary of how Diagnostic Snapshot levels have changed over time, what skills students have practiced, and personalized recommendations on next steps including where they might be stuck. It also features a few data points that are available to teachers for the first time, such as a skill breakdown by strand!


This report is perfect for sharing with parents during one-on-one meetings, including parent-teacher conferences and IEP meetings. Students can also access the report, so parents can sign in to their student’s account for up-to-date progress reports.

You can find the new report under “Students” in Teacher Analytics.


IXL Games

Students can now play games right on IXL! Our comprehensive curriculum includes more than 90 educational games for pre-K through 2nd grade, offering our youngest learners a fun new way to level-up their knowledge.

Each game provides hands-on practice in an essential topic, ranging from the alphabet, parts of speech, and contractions, to money amounts, telling time, and multiplication. IXL games are also kidSAFE COPPA certified, meeting a high standard of quality that teachers and parents can rely on.

You can find IXL games at the bottom of the pre-K through 2nd grade math and ELA landing pages, such as here.

Summer Boost and Summer Adventures return

Our summer spotlight skill plans are back! We have two seasonal skill plans for summer, with each plan providing 20 days worth of skill recommendations:

  • Summer Boost focuses on the most important skills from the previous year, to set students up for success in the fall. The plans are available for math and ELA for rising K-12 students.
  • Summer Adventure is designed to keep students exploring fun new topics this summer. There’s one plan per grade for rising K-8 students, incorporating skills from math, ELA, science, and social studies. This year, teachers and parents can assign Summer Adventure skills and track progress more easily. You will also still be able to print out PDF versions of the skill plans.

For both plans, students should select their grade for the upcoming fall (e.g., rising third graders should use the third grade plan). You can find the plans here.

Scratchpad for desktop

The Scratchpad feature — a favorite on mobile — is also available on IXL’s website! So students can now work through skills by writing directly on their computer screen. Learners can use the pencil, highlighter, and eraser tools to annotate reading passages and work out math problems.

The Scratchpad is available for all subjects and can be accessed from the bottom right of the practice page. Students can click on the blue pencil icon to open the Scratchpad and select a drawing tool. Teachers may disable the feature on IXL’s web version by going to the Profile and settings page.

New test prep plan: ACT WorkKeys

We’ve released our first skill plan for ACT WorkKeys, covering the Applied Math assessment. The ACT WorkKeys is a series of assessments measuring the foundational mathematical and literacy skills that are required for success in the workforce. It’s often used by schools as an alternative graduation exit exam or by employers as a predictor of job performance. Check out the new Applied Math plan here.

New math skill plans

We’ve added the following new math skill plans:

  • Dimensions Math Kindergarten
  • Big Ideas Math FL B.E.S.T. Grades 2, 3, and 5
  • Digits Grades 6-8
  • enVision Mathematics FL B.E.S.T. Grade 7
  • HMH Algebra (Common Core, TX, and CA editions)
  • Agile Mind Grades 6, 8, and Geometry
  • Into Math Advanced 1
  • Carnegie Learning Algebra 2

We’ve also updated the following skill plans to include many skills specifically tailored to each curriculum:

  • Big Ideas Math Grade 1 (Common Core and FL editions)
  • Eureka Math Grade 2 (Common Core and TX editions)
  • Eureka Math Grade 3 (Common Core edition)
  • Engage NY Grades 2 and 3
  • Big Ideas Math 2019 Grades 3, 8, and Integrated I-III
  • Big Ideas Virginia Grade 7

New ELA skill plans

We added the following new ELA skill plans: 

  • Superkids Reading Kindergarten
  • Reach for Reading Kindergarten and Grade 1
  • CKLA Grade 4
  • Escalate English Grade 4
  • Open Court Reading Grade 4
  • Springboard 2021 Grade 9
  • Spectrum Word Study and Phonics Grades 5 and 6 (Canada)
  • Spectrum Spelling Grades 5 and 6 (Canada)

Updated features

New suggested skills list filters

We’ve made several updates to make it easier for students to navigate and find the correct skills to work on!

  • Filters section: We’ve added a filters section at the top of the suggested skills list to make it easier to find relevant skills. Students can filter the list by teacher, subject, and proficiency. Students can still filter by clicking on the icons on each skill card.
  • Filter by teacher: Students with suggestions from multiple teachers can now filter their list to only see skills from a particular teacher. Each skill card will display the name of the teacher that suggested the skill. To filter, students can click their teacher’s name on the card, or they can use the dropdown in our newly added filters section.
  • Permanent skill ID: We’ve added the permanent skill ID to each skill card so that students whose teachers refer to skills by this ID can more easily find the correct skill to work on. 
  • Increased width: We’ve increased the overall width of the list to improve readability and help students focus in on their suggested skills.

Science explanation audio support for grades 2-5

We’ve added audio to explanations for science skills in grades 2-5! This audio support allows our elementary school users to complete science skills independently and to get the in-the-moment support they need. As with ELA and social studies, grade 2 science skills have audio support for everyone by default, and audio for grade 3-5 science skills can be enabled optionally.

Updated test prep plan: NWEA MAP

We’ve updated our existing NWEA skill plans to provide more support for high-scoring students!  The upper RIT bands in our Math 6+, Reading 6+, and Language 2-12 skill plans have been revised and extended to provide more targeted recommendations for students who are ready for more of a challenge. Personalized plans will be updated automatically to display the new content.

Complete math video tutorial coverage for grade 5

We’ve released 73 new grade 5 math videos, completing our video tutorial coverage for grade 5! We’ve also released 42 new Algebra 1 videos to expand our video tutorial coverage in that grade. These videos cover topics such as multiplying with mixed numbers using area models and translations of functions.

More math skills with Spanish support

We’ve extended our Spanish translation coverage to select Geometry Checkpoints! Here’s a look at one of our favorites.

Like the translated Checkpoints for 8th grade and Algebra 1, these work just like other translated skills, except that when students answer a problem incorrectly, they’ll see a translated explanation for the exact problem they saw. In other translated skills, students are instead given a translated example similar to the problem they saw.

Additionally, we’ve expanded Spanish-language support to many new math skills in grade 3 through Geometry. These newly supported skills involve topics such as making line plots with fractions, solving word problems using equations, simplifying algebraic expressions, and graphing piecewise functions.

Lessons for Geometry

We have expanded our lesson coverage to Geometry! Lessons are mini study guides that students can use to brush up on key math concepts. New topics include trigonometric ratios, equations of circles, and proofs with congruent triangles. These new lessons are listed at the bottom of the Geometry landing page.

Also, these new Geometry lessons will appear in in-skill recommendations! Lesson recommendations appear alongside the regular in-skill recommendations, giving students an additional in-the-moment instructional resource. Check out a skill with lesson recommendations here.