IXL resources for high school learning

High school is an exciting time for teachers and students alike! As students begin to grow into their own, educators have the unique opportunity to help them learn how to better take charge of their academic journey. IXL is here to provide the framework your class needs to meet their goals for high school and beyond. 

With a full K-12 math and ELA curriculum, IXL allows students to master calculus and review foundational writing strategies all in one place. Plus, with features like built-in differentiation and personalized study plans, IXL has resources that support every student. Here’s an in-depth look at how each tool helps students build confidence and successfully clear their own learning roadblocks. 

1,800+ 9th-12th grade math and ELA skills 

Whether learners are encountering concepts for the first time or looking for additional practice, IXL’s comprehensive curriculum provides a full slate of skills for your students to dive into. 

IXL’s in-depth math curriculum ensures students get the practice they need to master topics from every angle, from conceptual understanding to real-life application. These high school math skills provide full coverage for: 

IXL’s high school English language arts skills cover reading and writing strategies, vocabulary, and grammar and mechanics. Here’s a preview of key ELA skills at each grade level: 

No matter the subject, every IXL skill is scaffolded to provide multiple levels of difficulty. And with each question a student answers, IXL adapts questions to provide just the right amount of rigor. 

Plus, on IXL, students always have access to all grade level skills. This gives your class the freedom and flexibility they need to review prior content or skip ahead for a challenge. 

Skill plans for textbooks, standards, and assessments

Looking to align IXL skills with a specific curriculum? Choose from dozens of custom-built skill plans that precisely match IXL skills with each chapter or standard you plan to cover. Or, provide additional support for standardized assessments with skill plans for WorkKeys and WIDA ACCESS. IXL skill plan alignments allow you to fully integrate IXL with your whole-class instruction, individual practice, or small group work. 

IXL also makes it easy to assign skills to select students, an entire class, or your whole roster directly from each skill plan. See the full list of high school level skill plans here or learn more about assigning skills here

Personalized study plans for the ACT, SAT, and MAP 

Ensure students have the support they need to meet their goals for graduation and beyond. IXL’s personalized study plans for the ACT, SAT, and MAP provide students with the exact skills they can work on to boost their progress. To get started, learners can simply enter their scores from a prior test or practice exam. 

Like general IXL skill practice, IXL’s study plans present skills that challenge students at their level. As they work through skills, they’ll receive immediate feedback to help them learn from mistakes and build a strong understanding of the concepts they’ll encounter on exam day. 


Engaging video tutorials

IXL’s bite-sized video tutorials cover key strategies for tackling IXL skills—and you can use them in whatever way you’d like! 

Created in partnership with Wyzant tutors, these video tutorials allow students to refresh what they’ve learned during independent practice or at home. You can even use them to summarize your lesson at the end of whole-class instruction. Available at the top of each skill practice page, IXL’s video tutorials empower students to address their knowledge gaps immediately and make progress faster. 

Video tutorials are now available for all 3rd grade – Geometry math skills, and are always expanding to new grade levels. 


Full insight into progress with IXL’s Diagnostic and Analytics 

You’re not the only one who wants to know where your learners stand—higher-level learners want ownership and insight over their own knowledge levels. With IXL’s Diagnostic, students can have immediate, up-to-date insight into what they know! Plus, IXL’s Diagnostic generates a personalized action plan with the exact skills students can work on to reach their goals. 

For detail on how your entire class or roster is progressing, check out the reports available on the IXL Analytics tab. From there, you can identify common trouble spots (Trouble Spots report), see which skills students have practiced (Skills Practiced report), and watch what they’re working on in real time (Live Classroom). 

See IXL in action

Every classroom is unique—yours included! IXL’s robust set of resources supports flexible implementation, so you can use each tool in a way that works best for your students. 

See how IXL has been implemented in high schools across the US with these IXL Math and IXL ELA success stories!