What’s new on IXL – July 2022

At IXL, we strive to keep our personalized learning platform in line and up to date with students’ evolving needs. That’s why we compile a list of our top new features to help you—as a learner, educator, or parent—get the most out of IXL.

Keep reading below for a roundup of releases from the past month, including Fall Power-up skill plans, summaries for Group Jams, new ELA book study skills, and more! To stay current with our latest major updates, follow IXL on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

New features

Fall Power-up plans for math and ELA

Our Fall Power-up plans are back! These skill plans provide 20 days of math and ELA skill recommendations for students entering grades K-12. Just like last year, the plans will help students review critical concepts from the previous school year, setting them up for success in the fall. Check out the Fall Power-up plans here!

Image of the Fall Power-up skill plan for Algebra 1. It shows the first five days of the plan, with each day containing one or two associated Algebra 1 skills.

New ELA novel and non-fiction study skills

We have released a number of exciting new middle school skills, targeting nine critically acclaimed novels and non-fiction books that are commonly taught in middle school.

In each skill, students closely analyze passages from the book and answer a variety of reading strategies questions about them. Along the way, they encounter key historical or literary context about the work they’re reading, as well as fun facts about the book.

Teachers can use these new skills to support their classroom instruction in a variety of ways, whether or not they plan to read the book with their students. If the book is part of the planned curriculum, teachers can use our skills as pre-reading activities to get students familiar with and excited about starting the book, or they can use these skills as post-reading activities to have their students engage in a deeper analysis of the author’s language and craft.

If they’re not planning to cover one of these texts in their classroom, teachers can still assign these skills to their students to give them practice reading and analyzing authentic texts—or to inspire their students to read one of the books on their own!

Looking for a summer read? Try clicking through some of these new reading skills, and we guarantee you’ll be inspired to read the whole book yourself! And stay tuned for more middle school novel and non-fiction book skills coming this fall.

New math skill plans

We’ve added the following new math skill plans:

  • Big Ideas Math (2022) Grades K-5 and Grade 7 Accelerated
  • Eureka Math Squared Grades 3-8
  • Agile Mind Grade 7
  • Open Up Resources Algebra 2
  • Big Ideas Math FL B.E.S.T. Kindergarten, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry
  • FL B.E.S.T. Go Math Grades 1-3 and 5
  • enVision Mathematics FL B.E.S.T. Grade 6 & 7 Accelerated, Algebra 1, and Geometry
  • Math Nation FL B.E.S.T. Grade 8 and Algebra 2
  • Florida Reveal Math Grade 8 and Geometry

We’ve also made extensive revisions to our Eureka Math and EngageNY Grade 4 skill plans.

New ELA skill plans

We’ve added the following new ELA skill plans:

  • Mirrors and Windows Grade 6
  • Escalate English Grade 8
  • Spectrum Word Study and Phonics Grade 1 (Canada)
  • Spectrum Spelling Grade 1 (Canada)

New science skill plans: Stanford NGSS Integrated Curriculum

We’ve released new science textbook plans to support the Stanford NGSS Integrated Curriculum for grades 6-8! This national, project-based curriculum is produced by SCALE, the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity. Check out one of the new plans here!

Updated features

New Group Jam summary

Teachers now see a summary at the end of each Group Jam session! When teachers click “End Jam,” they’ll be taken to a summary where they can review and analyze the results of their Group Jam. For example, they can see all of their students’ Group Jam scores, and drill down into how their class did on each question. This new feature is only available for teachers; students will not be shown the summary.

Note that, unlike analytics reports, the summary data is only available right at the end of the Group Jam session and teachers won’t be able to access it afterwards.

Image of Group Jam summary screen, showing the class average for number of questions answered correctly, the skills covered, all student scores, and a review of each question in the Jam.

Scratchpad now available in Group Jams

Another update to Group Jams: The Scratchpad is now available for students and teachers to use! Just like in skill practice, the blue pencil icon appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. Teachers can use this to annotate a question while presenting to their class, and students can work through Group Jam questions directly on their screen.

Teachers can hide the Scratchpad via their Profile and settings page. Scratchpad annotations are not recorded or saved.

New math video tutorials

As we continue to expand our math video tutorial coverage, we’ve released over 60 new grade 4 math videos and five new Algebra 1 videos. These videos cover topics such as finding the next row in a growing pattern of shapes and writing a linear inequality from a graph.

More math skills with Spanish support

We’ve expanded our Spanish-language support to include several dozen new math skills in grades Kindergarten through Geometry. They include skills about counting money, solving subtraction word problems, locating irrational numbers on number lines, and classifying shapes on graphs. To check out one of our newly supported skills, try this checkpoint skill on solving systems of equations!

ELA explanation audio for Canada

We have added audio to the explanations of ELA problems in Junior Kindergarten through Second Grade in Canada! This audio support allows our youngest users in Canada to learn and practice ELA independently, and to get the in-the-moment support they need. This feature was previously only available in the US edition, and we plan on adding this support to other international editions in the future. Learn more about it in the IXL Help Center.

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