IXL’s universal screener: Intervention planning made simple

Set each student on the path to success this school year with early intervention! IXL’s new universal screener identifies at-risk students in just 20 minutes for quick and easy planning. And when paired with our assessment suite and personalized curriculum, this seamless solution helps students reach their full potential.

Assess students efficiently and accurately 

The IXL universal screener takes students as little as 20 minutes (and a maximum of 30 minutes) to complete. In less than a single class period, you’ll know which students need additional support and can start to plan accordingly. 

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any betterIXL’s screener gives you immediate results you can trust. Built using the most modern assessment principles by IXL’s team of highly experienced educators, the screener allows for the most precise and reliable grade-level bucketing.

Setting up a screener

Primary and lead administrators can set up a screener by signing into IXL and navigating to the admin settings page. Under the “Assessment Windows” section, administrators can create, edit, or delete screener windows.

Once you’ve created a screener window, remind teachers to have students complete their screener before the set deadline. Share this guide with teachers to help them get started!

View results and take action

As soon as students complete the screener, you’ll have meaningful data waiting for you in IXL Analytics. The Universal Screener report reveals the number of students who have completed their screener and the percentage of students who are far below grade level, below grade level, and on/above grade level. 

Scroll down to dive into more details for each student in your school or district. For every student, you’ll see information about their school, grade level, teacher, overall screener levels, and individual strand levels. 

Here’s how you can use the IXL universal screener to simplify intervention planning:  

  • Schedule a screener for the beginning of the school year for early identification of students who are not meeting grade-level standards. 
  • Use the Universal Screener report to flag at-risk students and guide data-driven discussions.
  • Create intervention groups based on grade-level proficiency. 
  • Schedule screener windows throughout the year and adjust groupings as needed based on results. The IXL screener can be used up to five times per school year, offering maximum opportunity for identifying at-risk students. 

For more information, check out our implementation guide.

Personalized next steps for students

After screening students for intervention, teachers can fully diagnose grade-level proficiency and determine exact knowledge gaps with the Real-Time Diagnostic. Questions answered in the screener will inform the diagnostic’s algorithm, giving students a “head start” on revealing their diagnostic levels. 

As students keep their diagnostic levels up-to-date, IXL provides each student with a personalized action plan that contains tailored skill suggestions for remediation and enrichment. Encourage teachers to use the IXL Diagnostic regularly throughout the year to get always-accurate data to inform instruction. 

Ready to start maximizing growth? IXL’s universal screener is complimentary with all math site licenses for the 2022-23 school year. Sign in now to set up a screener! 

Alternatively, the screener can be purchased as a standalone assessment tool without an IXL license. Click here to learn more.