Help Texas ELL students thrive with IXL’s TELPAS skill plan!

IXL’s custom-built skill plans are designed to support every student—and provide you with a seamless way to differentiate learning in your classroom. You’ll find skill plans for popular textbooks, assessments, and state standards in all 50 states. 

IXL’s Texas-specific TELPAS skill plan digs even deeper into differentiated learning by providing English language learning (ELL) students with a specific language learning roadmap. With skill plans for four proficiency levels, students can master TEKS-aligned English skills at their own pace and difficulty level, all while continuing to make progress in primary subjects! 

The TELPAS skill plan is now available for 2nd-12th grade Reading and Writing! Read on to learn more about how this resource can pave the way to success for ELL students in your classroom. 

Differentiate learning with IXL’s TELPAS skill plan 

As a former early education teacher, I struggled to find a way to meet the exact skill level of each of my students. I spent hours combing reports, adjusting lesson plans, and modifying assignments and enrichment activities to ensure that students were met with the right amount of rigor. 

Even in small classrooms, it can be difficult to provide a fully differentiated learning experience. While a handful of ELL students in a third grade class might have advanced proficiency levels, others may be just beginning their English learning journey. 

With IXL’s TELPAS skill plan, each student can immerse themself in scaffolded skills that match their exact level of English proficiency in reading and writing. For each 2nd-12th grade-level skill plan, you’ll find four levels that match TELPAS proficiency learning descriptors: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Advanced High. 

Choose the descriptor that aligns with a student’s score to find a full list of skills—reading or writing—that correspond with their proficiency level. Assign skills you’d like students to work on, or encourage them to work through the skill plan at their own pace. Every skill is TEKS-aligned and carefully placed to ensure that students are met with the right level of challenge. 

Like all IXL skills, students will have the opportunity to reach proficiency or mastery in each skill and truly cement what they’ve learned. Instructional resources, including learn with an example and detailed answer explanations, are always available to help students work ahead or understand what they missed.  

Address gaps and support at-home learning 

Once your student begins working on their TELPAS skill plan, you can easily monitor their progress and provide immediate intervention with IXL Analytics. Here are several reports you can use to support students: 

  • Student Trouble Spots report: Use this report to identify ELL topics where students are struggling. 
  • Questions Log: Review the exact questions students have answered to identify trends and address gaps in English understanding. 
  • Score Chart: Use this report to confirm that students are reaching their proficiency or mastery goals for assigned TELPAS skills.  

Plus, IXL encourages students to make progress on their English skills outside the classroom! They can continue to work on TELPAS skills at home or on the go, and bilingual resources are available to help parents support their child’s learning on the platform. Parents have access to IXL Analytics—including the Student Summary report—to easily keep track of their child’s progress. 

Shave time off your lesson planning

With over 1 million ELL students in Texas, it’s no surprise that teachers are looking for simpler and more effective ways to personalize learning for their students. 

The TELPAS Skill Plan for Reading and Writing not only provides teachers with a personalized, targeted lesson plan for ELL students, but also builds in opportunities for intervention and increased support. With IXL, you can shave time off your lesson planning and boost your students’ progress. 

Learn more about our TEKS, TELPAS, and TSIA2 skill plans, and see how schools across the state are using IXL at

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