Accelerating student growth at Johnson City Schools

When Johnson City School District was looking to support their math needs, they invested in IXL Math to provide equitable instruction across the district. Since then, their students have seen accelerated growth through district-wide personalized learning.

With the success of IXL Math, Johnson City Schools have expanded their membership to include IXL ELA. The teachers and students are thrilled about the real-time feedback to drive individual motivation, actionable analytics to support learning objectives, and carefully scaffolded skills to close learning gaps.

Hear more from Johnson City Schools educators:

A model for success at Johnson City Schools:

  • Johnson City Schools use IXL to provide equitable access to high quality education for all their students, in the classroom and at home.
  • IXL Math and ELA serves the district’s 8,000 students across 13 schools, from Kindergarten through 12th grade, including a virtual school.
  • 520 teachers in the district are able to support students across all levels, from closing knowledge gaps to providing additional enrichment with personalized action plans and scaffolded skills.
  • IXL skills are aligned to state standards and textbooks so teachers can be confident that students are on track with learning objectives.
  • Game-changing analytics and real-time reports allow teachers to pinpoint educational needs and assign purposeful practice for individual students or entire classes.
  • Students, especially middle and high school learners, are excited and empowered by IXL’s instant feedback, which lets them know why they missed problems and how to fix them.
  • Johnson City Schools’ students have answered 8,600,000 questions, practiced 350,000 different skills, and mastered 150,000 skills on IXL!

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