Introducing IXL teacher notifications: A new way to stay up to date with IXL

Teachers, never miss an important update with IXL’s new notifications center!

Here you’ll receive helpful insights into your class’s progress, timely reminders, and news on all the latest IXL teacher tools. You can view all of these notifications from the dropdown menu when you’re signed into your teacher account.


Types of notifications

See your class’s progress

IXL notifications will provide helpful insights that make it easy to stay up to date on your class’s progress. You’ll see all the new milestones your students have reached—including questions answered, time spent, and skills they’ve achieved excellence in—so that you can easily monitor your students’ hard work and celebrate their success!

You’ll also receive notifications if a large group of your students is stuck on the same trouble spot within an IXL skill. This lets you know the exact spot to step in and address any misunderstandings they have.


Get helpful reminders

IXL notifications also include useful reminders about IXL Leaderboards and Diagnostic Snapshots.

When you or your school uses IXL Leaderboards to hold a learning competition, you’ll receive a notification when the competition ends. This helps you to keep track of these friendly competitions and celebrate all of your students’ achievements!

When your administrator creates a Diagnostic Snapshot to collect benchmark data, you’ll receive reminders when the Snapshot window is about to open, as well as updates on students who have still not completed their Snapshot before the window closes, helping you ensure that all of your students complete the Diagnostic within the Snapshot window.


Explore new teacher tools

At IXL, we’re constantly adding new features to support teachers and students. Now, you’ll receive notifications about the latest teacher tools, making it easier to stay up to date on everything IXL has to offer! 

Plus, we’ll let you know about upcoming opportunities including our fun seasonal contests, free webinars, IXL Live events, and more. 


How to use notifications

View your notifications

When you’re signed into your teacher account, you can find your notifications dropdown menu on the top-right of any page on You can also see all of your notifications in your notifications center at 


Customize your notifications

You can customize your personal preferences to receive the notifications that are most helpful to you. To unsubscribe from a specific notification type, hover over a notification and click on the three dots on the right.