Using IXL Analytics to support family-teacher conferences

Alyssa Evans is a Professional Learning Specialist at IXL. She draws insight from her rich background as an English language arts teacher, instructional coach, and curriculum developer.

When you’re looking for deeper insight into how your students are performing, the reports available in IXL Analytics make it easy to track their progress and offer the right level of support. Every question answered, skill practiced, and minute spent on IXL is automatically recorded! 

And did you know that IXL Analytics is more than just a tool for teachers? These reports are an amazing resource to share with families, and many are available on student accounts so parents can access them year-round. 

From celebrating milestones to identifying exact areas for growth, here’s how you can use two select reports to guide your family-teacher conferences this year. 

Student Summary report: Identify accomplishments and areas to focus on

The Student Summary report showcases individual student growth in a fully comprehensive, easy-to-read format. You can use this report to guide your conferences by focusing on the three main elements of the Student Summary:

IXL accomplishments  

This section provides a complete picture of a student’s work in IXL, including the number of questions students have answered and skills they’ve tackled. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate student success and show families how hard their child is working!

Areas to focus on

By utilizing this portion of the report, you can review the exact skills students have struggled with and provide recommendations for skills to revisit first when practicing at home. 

Resources for at-home support

This portion of the report will allow you to review helpful IXL resources that will give families the tools they need to help their child succeed beyond the classroom.

When parents have questions, the Student Summary report has all the answers they need. Plus, parents can use this report to quickly access other areas of IXL including assigned skills and the Diagnostic Action Plan. 

Student Score Chart: Reach SmartScore goals

This report helps families quickly monitor how their child is doing with the skills that you’ve assigned in class. You can use this report to explain how the SmartScore works and remind parents to keep SmartScore goals in mind

Here’s a checklist you can follow as you move through the Student Score Chart: 

  • Narrow the focus: Show families how to filter the report, so that they can focus on skills that are currently suggested by you.
  • Identify skills: Help families identify any skills that their child has not yet met their SmartScore goal in. (IXL encourages students to work to at least a SmartScore of 80 for every skill they practice!). 
  • Point to practice: When they are ready to work on the skill at home, students can use the skill ID to revisit each skill they need more practice with. 
  • Remind them of resources: Make sure families know that there are instructional resources they can use to support their child as they practice, such as lessons, in-skill-recommendations, video tutorials, and incorrect answer explanations.

IXL Analytics allows teachers to showcase student growth, celebrate successes, and help families target the skills students need more practice with. 

To learn how you can use each of the reports available on IXL Analytics, check out the IXL Help Center, where each report has its own detailed walkthrough!