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Maggie Rex is a Professional Learning Specialist with seven years of classroom teaching experience at the middle and high school levels.

With a full K-12 math curriculum that includes Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, precalculus, and calculus, IXL is the one-stop shop for high school math. Whether students want to reinforce the topics they’re learning in class or review foundational skills from previous school years, IXL gives them the tools they need to succeed. 

Let’s take a closer look at how IXL can help your high school students build confidence and excel in math.

Comprehensive math curriculum

IXL’s in-depth math curriculum helps high school students at all levels learn math more effectively. Each interactive skill is precisely scaffolded to challenge learners with the appropriate rigor while ensuring they get the support they need. This targeted practice allows them to master complex topics from every angle, from conceptual understanding to real-life application. 

IXL’s curriculum fits seamlessly into teachers’ existing routines, and can even maximize teaching time. IXL’s skill plans provide educators with the exact skills that match every state standard and each chapter of their textbook, making lesson planning easy. With IXL, teachers and students can easily access the perfect content to solidify every math concept. 

In addition to the high school resources, students always have access to all of IXL’s K-8th grade skills to self-remediate and bridge knowledge gaps. 

Real-Time Diagnostic

As math concepts get increasingly complex at the high school level, it can get harder to identify and address the specific gaps in knowledge. IXL helps all learners understand where they are and the concrete steps they can take to grow—without needing a teacher to guide them.

IXL’s Diagnostic pinpoints each student’s proficiency and knowledge gaps in key K-12 math strands. Then, it gives every student an action plan with personalized skill recommendations based on individual diagnostic results. With this plan, learners can understand their strengths and weaknesses and make smart choices about their own learning. 

Along the way, IXL Analytics also gives teachers real-time insight into student performance and progress for efficient reteaching. 

Independent learning tools

For high schoolers who want to rely less on help from adults, IXL enables them to learn independently. Students can sit in the driver’s seat and propel their own learning forward with IXL’s easy-to-use instructional resources!

Learn with an Example and detailed problem explanations

When students first click on an IXL math skill, they will see the opportunity to “Learn with an Example.” Clicking the link will take them to a mini lesson that introduces them to the topic with relevant vocabulary, an example problem, and a detailed solution. 

Plus, learners will always see a detailed explanation if they miss a question. These explanations provide a step-by-step walkthrough of how to solve the exact problem they missed and allow them to learn from their mistakes before moving on.

Video tutorials

IXL has built-in video tutorials for most math skills up to Geometry, with videos covering more topics on the way. With these instructional videos, students can learn how to tackle a math skill from an expert tutor. These bite-sized videos allow learners to get immediate help when working on skills independently or at home.

In-skill recommendations

If learners are feeling stuck on a question, they don’t have to stay stuck. The “Work it out” section at the bottom of a skill page guides them to foundational skills that can help them efficiently close knowledge gaps.


The “Work it out” section also includes Lessons, which are helpful for both learning new concepts and reviewing old topics. Each Lesson provides an organized and comprehensive overview of a math concept and works through example problems, giving students the confidence to start practicing. Lessons can also be printed out and used as study guides before exams. 


Similar to end-of-unit tests, Checkpoints are rigorous questions that challenge students to apply knowledge from multiple concepts at once. Checkpoints cover most Common Core and state standards, helping learners prepare for high-stakes assessments. 

If students answer Checkpoints incorrectly, IXL automatically identifies the relevant foundational skills they should review to bridge learning gaps. This provides them with a clear way to self-remediate and build proficiency. Assign Checkpoints to learners ahead of unit tests or end-of-year exams! 

Checkpoints are currently available for 8th grade, Algebra 1, and Geometry. To see all available Checkpoints, head to the grade-level landing pages and look for a blue flag icon and “Checkpoint” in the skill’s name. If you’re following an IXL skill plan, you can also see the corresponding Checkpoints for each state standard. 

Personalized college test prep

If you are helping your high schoolers prepare for the SAT or ACT, our test prep skill plans can simplify the process! 

As a high school teacher, I found myself always scrambling to find SAT and ACT material to meet each student’s needs. But with IXL, students can input their scores from a previous test (or practice test) to create personalized study plans! Based on their previous scores, IXL’s test prep plans give each learner a tailored list of skills to practice to help them improve their scores. 

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