IXL Volunteering: The Raleigh Team Ventures to the Great Outdoors

November 11, 2015


Life at IXL

Take a hike! Literally, IXL took a hike at the Durant Nature Preserve in North Raleigh, NC to volunteer as part of Wake County’s “Big Sweep” event to keep parks clean and litter-free. The Durant Nature Preserve is a 237-acre park that protects important natural resources and offers five miles of hiking trails and ample recreational opportunities for city residents. Unfortunately, litter from the surrounding business and residential areas travels easily into the park, posing a hazard for wildlife and visitors alike. The park relies on volunteers to keep the area litter-free, beautiful, ecologically viable, and safe.

It was a crisp fall morning and we all had on our IXL fleeces at first, but we warmed up quickly. We put on gloves, got our garbage bags, and hiked through the beautiful nature preserve (with over 30 other volunteers) for several hours on a sunny Saturday morning. We gathered, sorted, and disposed of trash around the perimeter of the park and along the trails running through the park.

While we were working, we got to enjoy some beautiful scenery: a gorgeous lake, trees just starting to show some fall colors, and even some wildlife (luckily, not the poisonous snakes we were warned about!).


For all of the IXL volunteers, this was our first visit to the park. We were excited to explore (and help preserve) a new part of our city!










Learn more about the Durant Nature Preserve and year-round volunteer opportunities here: http://www.raleighnc.gov/parks/content/ParksRec/Articles/Parks/Durant.html

By Karen Penner, Recruiting Manager, and Katherine Wilson, Product Analyst

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What does IXL mean?


The IXL Team December 9, 2015 at 10:09 am

Hi Travis, the letters IXL don’t stand for anything specifically, but we like that it sounds the same as “I excel”!


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Love this!


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