IXL Employees Share Their Love of Science

IXL Volunteers at the Bay Area Science Festival

November 11, 2016


Life at IXL

During the first weekend of November, thousands of people descended on San Francisco’s AT&T Park to share their love of science. Saturday’s Discovery Day was the final event of the weeklong Bay Area Science Festival and boasted 150 booths with activities for science enthusiasts of all ages. For the first time in the festival’s 6-year history, IXL sponsored a booth—and the day was a great success for everyone!

After dropping off equipment and fueling up with a quick breakfast, we set up our computers and prepared for early bird entrants. The doors opened for everyone at 10:00 am and our team soon became busy interacting with all our booth’s visitors. “I really enjoyed meeting students who recognized our software from school,” said IXL curriculum designer Ann Zatsman. “They were excited to show it to their parents and meet the designers.”



Most of us switched between helping students navigate IXL science skills, talking to parents or educators about the site, and handing out special activity pages so students could continue to engage with the concepts introduced by IXL. The children (and some older learners) who visited our booth learned about everything from heat transfer to topographic maps, and walked away with colored pencils and coloring sheets with an ocean or forest ecosystem. As for us volunteers, we came away with a new appreciation for how excited students, parents, and teachers are about IXL!

As Jeremy Murphy, Senior Curriculum Designer, put it: “One thing that struck us all was just how engaged the kids became once they started working through a skill. It was very inspirational. The impact we’re making was on full display this weekend.”

To learn more about the Bay Area Science Festival, please visit http://www.bayareascience.org/

By Dan Kolodrubetz, Curriculum Designer

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