IXL Helps an Urban State Park Blossom

IXL employees volunteer with Literacy for Environmental Justice

December 9, 2016


Life at IXL

Last Saturday, a group of IXL volunteers helped an organization called Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) with an ongoing ecological restoration project at Candlestick Point in San Francisco. The leaders of this project, the Candlestick Point Eco-Stewards, hope to restore the area and open up San Francisco’s second campsite. The campsite will focus on youth involvement and will feature activities like kayaking and paddle boarding.

Using seeds from the environmentally vibrant Bayview Hill nearby, our team planted a variety of drought-tolerant, native southeast San Francisco species that will decorate the urban state park for years to come.

To protect the seedlings from overgrown weeds and dehydration, we covered the surrounding area with a biodegradable paper weed barrier and a few inches of rice straw hay in a process called mulching. Then, the group removed a large tarp from a plot of land to cultivate the soil for future gardening.


The event ended with a delicious picnic BBQ hosted by LEJ right next to the scenic view of the bay. IXL product designer Tyler Beck said, “The team we worked with was really knowledgeable, engaging, and fun. They also gave us some great context for the work we were doing and why it was meaningful. I had a great time!”

Jocelyn Tang, associate product manager, appropriately summed up the group sentiment at the end of the day: “I really enjoyed volunteering with Literacy for Environmental Justice. They’re a great organization making a very meaningful impact, not only on the environmental habitats in San Francisco, but also on urban youth. In addition, Ryan, Patrick, and Anthony [the volunteer coordinators] were extremely hospitable and friendly. The fact that it was also a beautiful day and the views were great was the cherry on top!”

To learn more about Literacy for Environmental Justice and volunteer opportunities, please visit http://www.lejyouth.org/.

By Ish Menjivar, Software Engineer

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