Science for all! IXL at North Carolina’s Triangle SciTech Expo

April 13, 2017


Life at IXL

On April 8, IXL’s science team headed to North Carolina’s most popular museum—the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science—to host a booth at the Triangle SciTech Expo. The science-centric event, which attracted over 5,000 visitors, was part of the statewide North Carolina Science Festival. IXL was proud and excited to be among the more than 50 science-themed booths from industry, nonprofit, and academic organizations.

Some of the visitors to our booth recognized IXL from school and were eager to show it off to their friends and family members. Others were unfamiliar with IXL but intrigued by the colorful and interactive science questions. “I loved seeing how the kids got pulled into the skills,” said senior curriculum designer Desiree Stanley. “When they first walked by the booth, some kids weren’t sure that whatever we had on the computer was as interesting as the rest of the museum. But as they started to go through a skill, you could see them getting drawn in and becoming more and more excited for the next question.”

Visitors had the opportunity to try out several skills that covered topics ranging from Earth layers and magnets to animal and plant classifications. (Some fan favorites were skills about identifying rocks and interpreting food chains.) Visitors also got to take home their very own IXL colored pencils, along with coloring sheets that were inspired by our food webs skills—one coloring sheet represented a food web in Monterey Bay, California and the other a food web in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Forest.

IXLers spent their time answering questions about the website and helping kids and adults navigate the skills. Volunteers found the experience to be both fun and rewarding. “It was so motivating to see how excited and determined students were while working on the science skills” said Christie Amatangelo, a renewal specialist at IXL. “Watching their faces light up when they answered a question correctly was the highlight of the day.”

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By Susan Lyons, Science Curriculum Designer

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