Food for All: IXL Volunteers at Meals on Wheels of Durham

Helping Homebound Members of the Durham Community

June 1, 2017


Life at IXL

On May 24, IXL volunteers headed over to Meals on Wheels of Durham to pack and deliver hundreds of meals for homebound residents of the county. IXLers had a great time helping out and got an up-close look at how Meals on Wheels makes a difference in the community.

Meals on Wheels provides both hot and cold food and all meals are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of senior adults. However, as we learned from the executive director, Durham County residents receive more than just a prepared meal.

Meals on Wheels helps the people they serve remain independent and healthy. The daily visit is a chance for volunteers to check in with seniors and see if they’re in need of other help. Volunteer drivers receive training about particular conditions to look for during their interactions with clients so they can report situations such as a medical need.


Several IXL volunteers drove meal delivery routes and were introduced to Meals on Wheels’ complex and impressive delivery system. Some clients receive meals every weekday, while others get deliveries only two or three days a week, and routes have to be constantly updated. It turned out to be an especially important delivery day: because there would not be a Monday delivery on Memorial Day, clients received an additional shelf-stable meal. These extra meals needed to be appropriately labeled, counted, and boxed, and we were happy to help with this pre-delivery organization.

“Volunteering with Meals on Wheels not only gave me a greater appreciation for the process involved in facilitating and transporting the food, but also the thought that goes into constructing the meals themselves and the dedication of the individuals who make it all happen,” said curriculum designer Amanda Simays. “In addition, learning about the positive impact that this program has on people’s lives—far beyond the meals themselves—was inspiring.”

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By Adam Singer, Software Engineer

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